Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Do You Really Know What You Are Doing? 你真的知道你在做什么吗?

GM Lu said very recently that EACH Individual has a choice of learning from him or other people!
If you don't like TBS, then you can go to any place of your choice, as long as "你吃得饱" - Means you can fill your hunger. :)

The most hilarious I heard recently: Temple ban all those that were seen in photos, attending Pure Karma's event!!!

What can the temple do for some or have done for some?
What has the temple taught or shared?

Lets look at the "Demand & Supply" Factors!

[1] An attendee when "scanned" has Heart problems, which I pointed out the exact spot, during one of our events in Medan!
He went to seek medical aid and examinations showed he has narrowing of blood vessels where I pointed at!
Yes! He has heart illness!

[2] Another one was doing offering on behalf of her father who can't attend personally.
This lady was told to chant her father's name repeatedly and draw him into vision.
The vision showed me that the father is ill!
The lady and her brother waiting in line behind her was shocked!

[3] Another lady came to seek help for her daughter who can see spirits!
Why seek help from me when there are VMs & Fashi in the local temple?
Seems the kid has problem also early this year and missed our event by a day!

This kid has this problem of seeing spirits for very long already.
Why can't the masters in the local temple help her all these years?


[4] Students asking questions which pointed to their lack of fundamentals in cultivation!

There are many more cases that were helped during our events!

Dear all,
If you think you can control others and ban them from visiting your temple, think again!

What is the purpose of a Temple?
If you don't know, go ask GM Lu, please!

Don't blunder and create negative karma for yourselves and in turn caused harm to others!

THE KEY HERE - Can you help or not?

For the kid that can see spirits, praying to her ancestors and karmic negatives can help her.
AND there are methods that I taught the mother to teach her kid, to slowly "close up" the "see ghosts eyes" and prevent the ghosts from disturbing her!

I am not going to share online, so that the temple people can steal from me and use it, then claiming to be their own!


Too bad!
Teaching you all means you use to cheat others and suck money from others as well!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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