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Kimchi Urn's Mindset 泡菜缸的理念

The Following are comments in Facebook:

十八白 聽師尊的話...卻分化師尊定下的制度?
18white : Listen to Shizun's words...... attempt to divide and dissolve Shizun's set out regulation?
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釋蓮吟 蓮廚大德.. 我想請問一下....
bhadanta lotuschef ..... I will like to ask about ....
you continue to publish that Core falsified SZ's instructions. To the extend of the announcement voiding your reverend status. You also said SZ don't know.....

If you do not agree with Core's announcement, such important matter, if you do not believe Core, shouldn't you go and seek affirmation from SZ...

釋蓮吟 您是一位出家比丘尼..如果您還不知道自己到底犯了甚麼錯.犯了甚麼戒.嚴重到要撤銷您法師資格.您是不是該親自去問師尊..
As a bhikkuni... if you still don't know what you have done wrong, breach what discipline, serious enough to void your reverend status, should you not have seek out SZ to ask..
And not continue to slander Core online as falsifying SZ's instruction.

Publish material detrimental to Core.
These articles very easily cause other fellow student to have evil view of Core.

Broken or damage the Sanghas' assembly harmony. (or you target is this)

For cultivators of Tantrayana... these type of sins shouldn't it result in going down to Vajra Hell?

釋蓮吟 師尊很重視他的每一位弟子.對於出家的比丘.比丘尼有更深的期望.

Dear all, 
reading the above lecture from this person 蓮吟, armed with your newly acquired knowledge of Maha Perfection Dharma, lets have FUN! :)

  • 脱胎换骨 Metamorphosis - 离开真佛宗 Leave TBS?
  • Extract:
    In cultivation of Tantrayana, One can also undergo some form of transformation as well! :)

    The degree of Enlightenment and Execution of concepts of Enlightenment to Benefit All Beings, is similar to Metamorphosis!

    One Emerges as a Buddha in the case of a successful cultivator!

    There were much controversies over [离开真佛宗 Leave TBS?]!

    Core's interpretation is that Lotuschef instigated fellow student ST to leave TBS and also publishing the Dialogue boldly on blog, they alleged that all grades of students from VM throughout will be Badly Influenced by Lotuschef's statements!


    After the various suicidal and frivolous antics that Core hurled at Lotuschef, the TRUTH remains that Core has never care about the Truth but they Twisted the Truth or Couldn't comprehend the Truth, or Regardless of the Truth, executed frivolous antics exposing their Ignorance!

    When these antics were simply explained, Ignorance transformed into Aversion/Hatred in order to maintain their Greed of Ego/Pride and sentient materials!

    We are glad at least to see some changes for the benefit of fellow students.
    Visualization animation were developed and screened before the event proper.
    Sincerely hope someone will benefit from these graphics animation!

    [离开真佛宗 Leave TBS?] - Hahaha! One will eventually go through this stage when One has reached Full Realization or Enlightenment!

    Letting Go is crucial in order to Break Free! :)

    The above resulted from a chat with GM early this morning. :)

    TBS' existence will also be subjected to Relevance to a cultivator as he/she progresses through the ranks or the Yanas!

    Has anyone Truly Enter or Leave TBS?
    To answer the above question, you need to ASK Self : 
    What does TBS means to you from the beginning and as you progress or advance in ladder of cultivation!

    Frankly speaking if your answer is: 
    TBS is necessary to you, then you are far from Enlightenment!

    You failed to pick up what your Root Guru teaches you!
    In Tantrayana, you only need a good guru that is a True Yogi and what more for us, a Living Buddha too!

    GM Lu said that once you attained Buddhahood, You can be Independent and Function on your own; executing Buddha Dharma to succor all beings! :)

    Core and their version of TBS?
    Hahaha! Just another Sentient Flavored Muddy Dish that is being Force-feed to all susceptible beings!

    Yes! You do not need anything or anyone else but YOUR ROOT GURU in Tantrayana to cultivate to attain Buddhahood! :)

Now: Does fellow student 蓮吟 exhibit any signs of his having read what he considered as slanderous articles from Lotuschef against Core?

Obviously, NO!

Like many, he is only one of those that are being Force-Fed Sentient Mud!

Remember another leading performer, Lian Star, who spread the words that she is appointed by Lian Ning to "keep an eye on Lotuschef"!

YES! she really serious in her assignment too! :)
When Lian Yue & Lian Wang were searching for me in Taiwan Temple to lecture me, she led them to me! 
She showed such a triumphant pose when LY & LW left! 
Hehe! It was really Fun to watch her preening her feathers!

Did she hears what transpires? NO!
The reverends sitting nearby did and seek clarification,  but not this LS!

When I was in Seattle, other than distributing my photo around, many reverends were ordered to watch me closely, so that I won't have a chance to get too near to GM Lu to say anything! 

They didn't realised who asked me to go to Seattle that trip! :)

Hahaha! GM Lu gave them something to be busy about and also had them revealed what they are too! 

The Trend with Core and their subjects?
Threats of punishments like Vajra Hell!
Threats of being Embraced by Mara!

What did they finally do?
Delisting from Reverend List of their version of TBS!

Didn't GM Lu just talked about the TRUE Reverend?
Not the external form but what lies within!!!

Being a member of Core or their subjects, One actually embraces Everything that were fed to them by a group of sentient mud lovers, similar to being "hugged" closely in a Kimchi Urn, and All One Flavour!


O! This type of Unity, sadly not Guru Yoga or Yidam Yoga though! :)

It is Unity to show brutal strength like gangsters, using violence to subdue those that have different mindsets!

Think: How can we help these poor ignorants?

In Sunzi's Art of War 孙子兵法, one method is to Pin down the King Pin first 擒贼先擒王! 


Now: 下金剛地獄 Going down to Vajra Hell! 
Seems that student 蓮吟, is pretty kind and he worries that Lotuschef will be punished for her "SINS" and send to Vajra Hell!  :) :) :)

From another angle: Can Lotuschef choose to visit Vajra Hell in order to provide aid to those residing there or more accurately, Banished there!


What I have been writing, if you are wise enough, is to help you steer clear of being Banished to Vajra Hell, concur?

Remember that GM Lu said Thubten Ksiti can read your fate of your 3 times, means past present future?
He is actually cautioning all to not "step on" Ksiti's "toes" and get themselves "hurt" in the process!

So, when you next "feel like" sharpening your juvenile claws on anyone, please rethink and abort!

Or be wise, another from Sunzi's Art of War 孙子兵法 - know self know foe, a hundred battles a hundred victories 知自知彼,百战百胜!

Had Fun?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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