Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Whole Body Full of Eyes 浑身是眼

THINK: SZ said previously " Whole Body Full of Eyes"!
What are these Eyes?
Do these Eyes also need Initialization?
If need initialization, then HOW to do so?

  • SZ on Purification 师尊讲「大圓滿法口訣部-清淨」[1]
  • Extract:
    This method has deep meaning in Buddha Dharma context, a deep and hard to think of or imagine one.
    [无我 No Self] !

    All is [Void & non-existing], at this time [Equality Characteristic] emerges, that is all are Completely Pure.

    We are all [Assembled Components] and this method break-up or dismantle all assemblies!!!

  • SZ on Purification 师尊讲「大圓滿法口訣部-清淨」[2]
  • Extract:
    This white light HOM can reach other countries and also other realms like the Desire Realm; Form Realm; Formless Realm; entering the 6 realms of Samsara.
    That is when you have cultivated Purification and achieved Purity; you can in turn share this Purity with all beings of the 6 Realms of Samsara.

    SZ went on to stress that we cultivator should not get involve in Comparison as we are all Equal and All have Buddha Nature.

    Therefore this Purity is Equality. If you don't have this Equality then you will be involve in argument or disputes. We all must treat all with Equality.

    There is an important Key that SZ talks about!
    We use Buddha Dharma to find our Buddha Nature.
    Upon finding our Buddha Nature, Buddha Dharma is of no more use then.
    Nothing is Permanent. Everything exist for a period only!

Now: what is the above all about? :)

What relevance to WHOLE Body full of eyes?

The Criteria for "opening" Eyes throughout One's body: Purity!

AND: Ability to Mobilise Qi Energy which is equivalent to Light energy!


Back to Basics of Purification of Body  Speech  Mind! 
AND: 9 steps breathing!

Now think: Similar to the Heart Chakra being engulfed or wrapped tightly & thickly with layers upon layers of "Dirt" or Impurities, the Eyes located throughout each individual's body likewise needs a good "Cleansing Bath" to remove the Sentient Mud sealing them tightly and prevent them from "Opening"!

The Mechanics: Each skin pore is a sensory component and like the eye, can detect and transmit signals back to the brain for analysis and action if required.

For example: 
Intense Heat causes one to move away!
Cool breezy surroundings? 
One stay on the spot and reluctant to move away!

The "reaction" from the senses, can be fast or slow dependent upon the external factor sensed.

Similar to One's body being a small universe?

KEY: You and only you can open up these eyes in your body, just like opening the small universe inherent within. :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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