Monday, August 3, 2015

Mindset: It's the Thought that Counts!

Referring to the recorded sermon:

Yidam for session: Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva

In this speech, GM Lu shares many concepts.

Lets explore one of it! :)

Now draw your memory back to the incident whereby GM Lu wanted to save a big fish by buying it.
However, the price asked was too high and GM Lu has no choice but to give up.

His thoughts were on his failure to save the fish hence.
But Jin-mu explained to him that he has indeed saved the fish!
It's His thoughts that counts!

Subhūti (Pali: सुभूति; Chinese: 须菩提; pinyin: Xūpútí) was one of the Ten Great Śrāvakas of Śākyamuni Buddha, and foremost in the understanding of emptiness.

In Prakrit and Pali, his name literally means "Good Existence" (su: "good", bhūti: "existence"). 

He is also sometimes referred to as or "Elder Subhūti" (Sthavira Subhūti). He was a contemporary of such famous arhats as Śāriputra,Mahākāśyapa, Mahāmaudgalyāyana, Mahākātyāyana, and Ānanda.


Now GM Lu recounted the story of Subhuti's thought of welcoming his guru, Sakyamuni Buddha, however his physical self is in a cave far far away.

Another that physically welcomed Sakyamuni Buddha, said he is the first one to do so.
BUT, Buddha told him that he is not the first.

GM Lu shared all these to illustrate "No hindrance" theory.

One's thought can transverse throughout the Universe and all Dharmadhatu!

Remember that I wrote about "Astral, knows no barriers"?


Understanding of emptiness?

Do you?

Now, draw back on the assignment on "TIME".

The topic: 
In Cultivation, When is Time the Essence?

In Cultivation, When is Time NOT the Essence?

If you have the RIGHT Mindset and knowledge, these questions are No Hindrance to you at all, concur?

With Maha Perfection Dharma that GM Lu shared to date, think you can make a better approach to this assignment now?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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