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25 June 2015 – Lotuschef in Fun Chat

Hahaha! In the above, Lotuschef is chatting with Butterflies with LOVE shining brightly!


Lotuschef Lama: GC not attending?
G, when back in sg?

CT: GC the head of the pack is earning money to feed us!!!
wow we can have taiji n shaolin 1 finger zen👍👍👍 (Thumbs up)
GC, tell your clients u have an urgent meeting this Saturday & you have to return back to SG!

Lotuschef Lama: at a certain time in our career life, WORK takes on a new meaning. the babies we have nurtured, just like songs we have composed, becomes masterpieces, n we just sit back, relax and enjoy the playback. this is very similar to what GC does. earning money to feed the pack? 
hahaha! this mindset too stressful to contemplate :) :) :)

GC: cheem PY😜 (Bat eye and stick out tongue)

Lotuschef Lama: Hehe! Buddha has infinite wisdom. so we need to look at things different to be able to leave suffering n attain happiness. that's one major teaching!😄😄😄
And the next is to control one's own destiny! Hahaha!
everything is manifestation of one's own mind. 
Pure or impure; to do or not to do !
sermon over! 😍😍😍

CS‬: I thgt destiny is predestined by God.

LW: I rmb even in sch, PY was full of wisdom n Buddhism teaching.

Lotuschef Lama: Hahaha! can you reach God?
religion is a state of mind
the concepts taught or shared are for each individual to use for own benefit n in a larger version to benefit all. that's what charity is about.
you help out at Buddhist temple or church or homeless shelter, to ease suffering n bring happiness to people you meet.

LW: That's true.

Lotuschef Lama: Jesus said: good deeds done by right hand don't let your left hand know.
Means do liao n don't brag n don't ever think of merits or returns.
Hehe! KJ said your helping out will bring you blessing! 
not really true if u do with that in mind! 😜 (Wink eye)
Hehe! giving sermons liao! best stop!
😘😘😘 ( Blow kisses)

LW: I'm now a baptised Catholic but I'm gg to help my BIL in his temple this wkend. They're hvg some kind of celebration n needs helping hands in e kitchen. I don't c anythg wrong, so volunteered my svc. Not for blessing or reward....

CS‬: Catholic faith is inclusive. All are our bros and sisters. "As long as you do to the least of your bros and sis, you are doing it unto me"

Lotuschef Lama: Ya. same concept of equality. we all have buddha nature or god's nature. thus we are all the same. whether u can dig this inherent nature out n use it all dependent on Self

CS‬: Catholicism is about faith in God Almighty not a religion. The Almighty yet Loving and merciful Father, wanting to have a relationship with us and thus we are called to also communion with others. Hope I got that right!

Lotuschef Lama: Hahaha! All teachings and rules or disciplines are guides to help each individual. the operative is Not to hurt anyone. that includes self:):) :)
in Buddhism there's something call Middle path. there's no right or wrong nor good n bad. this is Zen Buddhism.

Lotuschef Lama: CS, why does God wants to have a relationship with all of us? think on this! what are you stating? 😄:) :) :)

O! the Indian god , Brahma, is the creator n said to be Christian god n Allah too.

CS‬: Well my dear....I can explain. But to type on this little hand gadget is going to take quite a lot of time . Wait ah...Saturday....will try my best to explain.


The above is a chat with some old classmates of mine back in RGS and we are planning a meeting this Saturday. :)

Armed with the Basics of Buddha Dharma like the Four Noble Truths, check out what Lotuschef applied to this Chat! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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