Friday, June 26, 2015

經得起磨打 Able to Withstand Pounding

The following is part of the brief summary of GM Lu's speech by a certain VM.
Extracted, is a story that GM Lu shared.


From the same tree and its wood, half was carved into a statue of Buddha and the other as WC cover,
WC cover felt unjust and asked the Buddha, Why everyone sit on my body but pay homage to the Buddha,


Buddha said: Because WC cover is easy to make, but carving a statue of Buddha need to go through thousand cuts and ten thousand moulding, everyone stroke and cut is done slowly.


Therefore we need to be able to withstand pounding, persevere through loneliness, able to lift burden of responsibilities,  shoulder directives of Buddha,  Ordained this way then have worth or value, else is only external form or appearance only, originally has less worries/problems before ordination to be a monk/nun, however after ordination the opposite occurred in increase of worries, this is not right.

Few days ago, during a chat with GM Lu, Visions of contents from flashed by.

Temple building?
This blogspot was set up end October 2010, almost 5 years ago!
Unbeknown to us who manned it, it has developed into a Virtual Temple, sharing almost all One's needs to cultivate from start to "finish"! 

Sometime in between, a minor disruption caused by the fellow student who gifted us with the domain, and then shut it down abruptly, we lost photos but not text of articles within that period.

Also the missiles from TBS' core, and its lackeys, continue to pound at Lotuschef with lots of false and frivolous allegations or accusations! 


Like the statue of Buddha, we survived!

To those that still deluded about your successes in pounding us and  exterminating us, or Lotuschef, time to wake up.

Lotuschef and Pure Karma has set up a Virtual Temple, strong enough to withstand pounding and 'distancing'!

Remember the article in this blog about "GM's Secret Army"?

Never never ever forget that "A True Buddha Knows Best"!

Lotuschef and Pure Karma hereby give sincere thanks to Core and all its lackeys, for helping us stay strong and also helped us lessen the insincere crowd from wasting our precious time! 

Merci Beaucoup! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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