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King of Samadhi Sutra 月灯三昧经

King of Samadhi Sutra
Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

Dusum Khyenpa, the 1st Karmapa, was regarded as an emanation of that yogi and his appearance was predicted by the historical Buddha Shakyamuni in the Samadhiraja Sutra:

"A bodhisattva with the lion’s roar will appear.
He will use the power he achieved in deep meditation to benefit countless beings. By seeing, hearing, touching or thinking of him, they will be led to happiness."
Samadhiraja Sutra

The Concentration of Heroic Progress An Early Mahayana Buddhist Scripture Translated and Annotated by ETIENNE LAMOTTE
English Translation by SARA BOIN-WEBB

Commonly known as the King of Samadhi Sutra (Samādhirājasūtra, Tib. ting nge 'dzin gyi rgyal po'i mdo), it is also known as the Moon Lamp Sutra(Skt. Candrapradīpa Sutra, Tib. zla ba sgron me’i mdo).

The full Tibetan title in the Kanjur is 'Phags-pa chos thams-cad kyi rang-bzhin mnyam-pa-nyid rnam-par spros-pa ting-nge-'dzin gyi rgyal-po zhes byaba theg-pa chen-po'i mdo. This corresponds to Sarva-dharmasvabhavā-samatā-vipancita-samādhirāja-nāma-mahāyāna-sūtra, which is the Sanskrit title given in the sutra itself. 
The Chinese have preferred Yueh-teng san-mei ching, corresponding to *Candrapradīpa-samādhisūtra.

经中述说佛在王舍城 耆阇崛山时,回答月光童子 所问,云依平等心、救护心、无碍心、无毒心及在因地所修的无量三昧。
大正新脩大藏經 第十五冊 No. 639《月燈三昧經》


A good sutra to go read up. :)

GM Lu keep stressing the Importance of Samadhi, so getting some help from Buddha and Manjusri Boddhisattva documented in this sutra, should be a real plus!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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