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得不偿失 Gain Can't Compensate For Loss

AA: PP sponsor 4 trays fro Jkt homa, one each for his family of 4.
also for GM's birthday celebration n my HK trip
he gives me SGD 1K

so the 10 trays, main tray I offer n the remaining 9 , so far QQ 1, KK 1, PP 4, we still have 3 more to go
if no one sponsor then I take up the rest lol! :)

GG, best glue the trays in preparation
any nice things u wish to add?

It's 35 C now! Hot!

GG: same here, very hot
yes, arabian incense
green sandal mala for the main tray

JJ: 2 more trays to go, CC means 1 tray dedicated for EG, Dragon King n Mountain Gods, can like that?

AA:no! I just replied

JJ: ok ok

AA: she can use earth god, mountain god or dragon king as the ones doing offering. Need the address of the respective gods doing the tray offering to Fo Pusa

JJ: ok, stick to 1 tray 1 dedicator

AA: If she wants, she can take a tray each for the various gods!
Yes! Means earth god one tray, dragon king one tray n mountain god i tray
3 trays in total

JJ: ok told her
oh ya, QQ donated 5 mil rupiah for charity

AA: we have last 3 trays to go!
ok. do that for medan event (Charity funds)

JJ: ok, on July?

AA: 4 million to old folks home n 3millions to the one that wants medicine. total 7 millions

JJ: ok

AA: for CC, if her uncle is paying then her uncle is doing dedication to the gods and the gods in turn do offering to fo pusa
u ppl real funny, somehow comes up with all sorts of situation!!! :)

JJ: hahaha
creative registrations

AA: its like lotus offering in the name of earth gods or our karmic lol
we pay for the lotus offering mah

JJ: yeah as long as its ok then go

AA: FF does for dragon king 7 lotuses each time
n in her father's name as he is doing sea business
yup, lets wait for CC reply

AA: instead of the tray, she can do $28/- sponsorship for each gods lol

JJ: ok, will tell her too

AA: depends on their budget lol

GG: Actually she was referring to the special dedication page
so if we want to sponsor for earth god, we can register at $28 per address?

Gorgeous packaging 😍

AA: I think I reduced the earth god pack for vesak
But if want to do sponsor at $28 each then go ahead. one name or address only
The earth god pack actually from one individual to all earth gods in this realm{SGD 128/- each, in conjunction with Ancestors' offering event, held 3 times a year.
SGD 888/- each in conjunction with regular events.
SGD 5,000/- for special request not in conjunction of Pure Karma's event.}

a big offering!!!

GG: yes at SGD 128 as per the article

AA: I did at $688 previously for TT's brother in laws

GG: ok will inform her

AA: that was vesak day n ONE time only offer

GG: yep

AA: prices does matter lol

GG: agree
since it's a big pack to all earth deities

AA: the tray of $108/- is a different story
it is one individual dedicating offering to divinities

as KK is first one to register, he gets the amitabha tray. then QQ the next in line. N PP has 4. follow our list of yidams

Don't think $$ but what you sincerely want to do!

JJ: QQ got the Vajrasattva rite?

AA: CC has returns in mind when doing dedication, let's not follow that.
of course for sentient matters, methods of convenience will help them initially! but after a while must grow or progress out of sentient minded or orientated paths

look at list of yidams from blog

JJ: can he choose Vajrasattva?
Vajrasattva at no 10

AA: QQ, do you want to choose vajrasattva? if so why?

JJ, what did I just shared about offering n growing out of sentient boundaries? wake up!

QQ: Any tray its ok fashi.. :)

AA: Hahaha! I want you all to understand offering!

QQ: Last time i heard.. to choose one.. :)

AA: also GM shared the the most important concepts about dharma when he talks about Adharma buddha. One & one only!

Yes! for sentient minded ppl that don't know dharma, giving them choice for $$ will make them happy!  :) :) :)

are you sentient minded ppl or aspiring yogi to be?  :) :) :) 

QQ: :)

AA: so to make you happy n also JJ happy, you can have the vajrasattva tray!

with that choice, it's sad for you2 bcos instead of offering to all the 10 yidams n script named divinities, you only want to offer to vajrasattva!

I am a very EVIL fashi hor???

JJ: :D ok, any is good. i m just doing per QQ's request

ha7..same one actually. any is good lar since QQ alr okay. 
Thank you for the enlightenment :D

AA: your heart must be open & not thinking of benefitting Self. then you will be fine! 👍 ( Thumbs up)

GG: 🙏 (palms together)

AA: CC still thinking about what to do? :) :) :)
Actually she can take a tray for herself n one for her uncle
Making friends with the whole universe helps one in all ways :) :) :)

GG: yes hor
六月 十三 日 Saturday, Sabtu — June 13, 2015
(Jakarta time, Waktu Jakarta WIB)

Jakarta, Indonesia

The White Maha Padmakumara 大白莲花童子
Amitabha Buddha 阿彌陀佛
Ksitigarbha-raja Bodhisattva 地藏王普薩
Golden Mother of the Primordial Jade Pond 瑤池金母
Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva 觀世音菩薩
Maha Cundi Bodhisattva 大準提佛母
Yellow Jambhala 黃财神
Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava 莲花生大士
Bhaisajyaguru Buddha 藥師佛
Shri Bhagavan Maha Acharya Vajrasattva 金剛薩埵
Dear all,
do you agree that we often play ourselves false when we are too fixated on Returns from whatever we "Put Out"?

If you think that Sponsoring a Tray of offering, and choosing One particular yidam that you think will best benefit yourself, then your perceived "gain" can't compensate what you actually lost! :)
Why give up the whole universe for Only one?
You negated the rest of the universe! 

For the above event, I have selected all the Yidams that are Principals Yidams selected by GM Lu, my Root Guru. :)

Some may say that I am too ambitious?

Not really!!! :)

Remember GM Lu said how many Buddhas sit in each ONE of our chakras?

Now from GM Lu's explanation of the Heart Sutra, this part actually tells you that Buddha Nature is inherent in each of of us!

  • 蓮生活佛講心經 -[以無所得故,菩提薩埵]
  • [... 那麼「以無所得」,在我們以前談過的,也就是說這個宇宙當中這個原來的自性,原來的佛性,本來就是你自己的,那麼因為是你自己的,你既然明心見性了以後,你還有什麼得呢?]

The following is also from the same article.
GM Lu explained the Four Immeasurables and the Key is For Benefit of All Others!
Also the Difference in Mindset of a Boddhisattva and that of a Sentient Being!





You think and act like a Boddhisattva or Buddha, then you can EASILY INVOKE their presence to grace your function and bless ALL!


Can you truly Open your heart wide enough to accommodate All?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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