Friday, June 19, 2015

瑤池金母 Golden Mother of the Yao Pond

Terjemahan Indonesia: Bunda Emas (Yaochi Jinmu)

Referring to the recorded sermon:

In the above speech, GM Lu shared much about the Abilities of Golden Mother of the Yao Pond.

Hahaha! How much did you picked up?

During the Homa, there were 2 rounds of smoke and 3 sounds of "Pop".
GM Lu said that there will be 2 big disaster and 3 small ones.

However, he talked to Golden Mother and asked for help to get rid of these disasters, and received affirmative as well.

GM Lu showed you what Yoga with Yidam can be!
One can communicate with the Yidam in which One has yoga with, any time and place! :)

Now, GM Lu had also shared that for most sentient matters, one can go beg Golden Mother for help.

There was a case of a student that consulted GM Lu about marriage, and the reply was the opportunity of marriage for this lifetime has passed. 
But, the student can go seek help from Golden Mother.

I have also seen someone who has this similar issue. 
GM Lu showed me that the one and only marriage candidate for this Lady is a classmate from school and they had broken up. 
No more candidate on the horizon and she will not be able to find someone to get married to for this lifetime.

Like the subject of the article: General and His Women, we have to wait for affinity for the subject to seek help first.

For people who has health, career, business, ... issues; Golden Mother is the one to seek help from.

GM Lu said to give offering to Golden Mother and make a request for help, chanting her mantra as much as possible.

Also Golden Mother's practices that GM Lu transmitted, be diligent, learn and use them.

You and only you yourself can make a difference and help yourself.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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