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真的出家人 True Votarist

Terjemahan Bahasa: Rahib Sejati

Referring to the recorded sermon:

出家人的英文 - 音标:[ chūjiārén ]

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In GM Lu's speech today, he touches on the topic of a True Votarist or Monk/Nun! :)

Hilariously, he explained that a True Votarist is one that CAN renounce all and be at ease; at peace; and stay pure!

That is Purity of Body Speech Mind, crucial factors for Samadhi; Yoga & Buddha hood.

Well, I have stressed that No one can help you cultivate and One has to put in diligent effort himself/herself.

Hahaha! Of note: GM Lu said that being dressed up like a Monk/Nun, is of no import if one can't enter Samadhi or let go of all sentient entanglements! 
Going through the ceremony or getting ordained serve no purpose if one can't cultivate to attain Samadhi!

See now why being listed or not on Core's TBS' reverend list is of little or no import to Lotuschef?

I humbly advise those that perpetuated the delisting, wake up and repent.
Say sorry to decimating yourselves first!
You wrong only yourself!

Attainment or Progress in Cultivation of Buddha Dharma solely depends on Self and these can never be taken away by anyone else at all!

Has the slanders and defamation all these years detrimented GM Lu at all?

Actually, I have an assignment to write about [光宗耀祖 Glorifying the ancestral lineage] in context of those aspiring to be Dharma King or TBS' successor!

But this above article based on GM Lu's speech is much more interesting! 
It also supports the concept that Chasing Sentient Glory is anathema to Buddha Dharma!
Also I got the green light to start retirement gradually too! 

If you read most of the articles in this blogspot, you would have realised that most can be substantiated from GM Lu's sharings or that of Ancestral Gurus.
I did my part pretty thoroughly these pass 7 years, counting from refuge in August 2008.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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