Sunday, June 28, 2015

出家还俗,又出家 Renounce Home, Denounce Votary & Embrace Votary Again

Referring to the recorded sermon:

This is something GM Lu shared during his dharma speech.

There are monks or nuns that denounce their votaries and get married. 
Then with kid and wife, return again to be monk.

Now, I have come across another female student that does that!
The second time that she came for Ordination, GM Lu even gave her the VM title saying she is a "split spirit" of Jin-mu.
When we "chase buddha" to her chapter in 2010, her daughter told a heart wrenching story of the hardships her mom went through.
Months later, I met her again in HK.
She is one of those that came with Taiwan's troop following GM Lu.
Seems she brought her patrons onto the bus meant for GM and designated personnel only. 
She was reprimanded by VM LJ after organising administrators informed him.
This VM cried and got angry and left for Taiwan with her patrons.
Info is that she again renounce the Votary!

Dear all, 
Remember recently GM Lu said whether you are monk or nun or lay student, the most important part is that you can enter Samadhi after purifying your own Body Speech Mind.

Now, the discerning or those that has developed their minds and unveiled inherent wisdom, What did you pick up from the above cases?

道心坚固 Steadfast Bodhi Path Heart!

These students have yet to cultivate to this level of Steadfastness, agree?

AND, GM Lu said this type of Heart is only for those that can achieve Guru Yoga and Yidam Yoga!

For those that paid large sums for services to the Female who was ordinated 2 times, and buy all the heart wrenching stories recounted by her daughter, guess you really need to wake up lol.

Karma determines a person's life!
What each of us live through, all due to our own deeds and nothing to do with anyone else.

It is the ignorant and not enlightened that continues to THINK they can get money by recounting or even fabricating "Hard Luck Stories" or Heart wrenching ones!

GM Lu he is ok with whether you choose to be votarist or not.
No matter how many times that you may choose to go back and forth, he has no issue.

He is illustrating the point of today's topic though.


Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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