Friday, June 5, 2015

师尊讲戒律 GM on Disciplines


In the above session:
GM Lu said in answer to VM Li Hui"s question about viewing of Disciplines.

GM Lu stated that Disciplines are only for those Sentient Minded or Orientated beings, when One has cultivated or attained [无我 -Selfless or without nature of Self] , Disciplines don't apply or is no longer needed or don't exit anymore.


All these times, what has Core done in using Disciplines or in the name of disciplines of their own interpretation?

Core uses Disciplines of their own interpretation to "Get Rid Of" perceived threats or threatening individuals that they think will cause them to lost their accumulated Sentient materials like Name, Fame, Status, Control, Wealth,....

See what GM Lu has been sharing and what Core members has been "Executing" or Executed?

Do you agree that Core has breach all Disciplines that exist? 


Remember: Disciplines as per Buddha, are Guides or Teachers to the Cultivator when there are no guides or teachers available. 
以戒为师 - rely on disciplines as teacher.


What is the point of delisting Lotuschef from their TBS' reverend list?

It doesn't harm or detract from what Lotuschef has learned or cultivated at all!

Who harm who?

The One that instigate and initial Harm, actually Harm Self and their Followeres only!

Listen to GM Lu attentively and don't follow those ignorant lost sentient souls anymore!


Please follow GM Lu too!

Lotuschef not too high on Crowds or followers or fans, so please leave me alone.

Lotuschef will only give time to those with Affinity and also sincere in diligent cultivation!

Don't waste your time chasing the Fakes masters!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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