Sunday, June 21, 2015

GM Lu - Truth of Samadhi


Hours ago, I wrote this article:-
[He also "Advised" me to donate all my financial assets to TBS when I became ordained.

O! He scolded me for teaching people not to Gongyang me, saying that: You are rich and don't need the money, but other reverends need them.]

In HIS speech today, GM Lu explained about importance of letting go of sentient materials, to be able to enter samadhi.
Also the Truth of what Samadhi is all about!

His asked those VMs present, regarding whether they Entered Samadhi or not during the group cultivation session.
No one answers him.

Dear all, whether you enter Samadhi successfully or not, there are Visible Signs which you can't hide!
Especially from a Living Buddha!
I remember advised fellow students to take a photo of themselves before and after cultivation.
If you are effective in cultivation, that includes Samadhi, which GM Lu said must do with each cultivation session, then you can say that you have cultivated a single session effectively!

GM Lu shared something about Samadhi that he said he didn't write into the book! :)
So, if you get rid of this Guru, you will deprive not only self but all beings of this secret key! 

Of note, GM Lu explained "Power" very clearly.

O! Also that Shimu needs his blessing to get well and stay well!

This statement has great depth!!! :)

In cultivation of Buddha Dharma, the prime factor is to Leave suffering to attain happiness.
AND the next one is "To take control of One's own destiny"!

Now look at the statement of Shimu needing blessing from GM Lu, closely again!

I will leave all wise ones to deduce what the statement revealed!

Go watch the video and enjoy the learning trip!

You need to gather all the tips GM Lu shared to be able to cultivate successfully and effectively!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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