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無礙哲學 No Hindrance Philosophy

2015年6月27日蓮生活佛 盧勝彥主持「蓮花童子本尊法」同修,講授【大圓滿九次第法】,開示--無礙哲學

**The following is part of a brief write up of GM Lu's speech found here: http://tbsn.org/chinese3/news.php?cid=38&csid=8&id=3597

English Translation by Lotuschef.

Written in book <Tantrayana Maha Perfection>:
In the Realm of No Hindrance, all Dye Purifying dharma, all from the Heart, as well as All having no hindrance to one another, All roots and dust, are all No hindrance Realm, as this dharma can't be named, thus called (Pu Yan Fa - Widespread Eye Dharma)



From times immemorial to the present, all follow one formula, all become one, all become void, all hang on the wall (Means picture of the deceased, hung on walls for memorial).




Thus, those that slander or defame you are you benefactor.
If you really have done wrong, then change and repent.
If you didn't, then you take it as cautionary or warning, to not commit wrong in the future.



Some although do not have (Rinpoche) title, but cutlivation already attain this status, actually is a true (Rinpoche).

Therefore, Every matter is good, this is (No Hindrance Philosophy).
(Nothing Matters); (Nothing to Attain); (Non Abiding); this is (No Hindrance Philosophy).
See through all, is thus (No Hindrance Philosophy)!

什么都不是 Non of These

Saintly students, decipher [None of these].
What are you?
Birth data, zodiac, name, ancestors, parents. male/female, education history, speciality, position, fame, career, money........

Fixing position for self, seriously give these thorough scrutiny, does these represent your all?

When you affirmed that they do not represent your all, then you realised you are [None of these].
Start searching from you are None of these for your basic nature, you will be enlighten.


AA: I found a way to cut stupa easily :) :) :)

I just remembered that I was told that during cultivation can't stop or pause, else not effective!

Hahaha! I have been stopping at will to explain something or when I notice someone or something not right.

cultivation session to me is like giving a lesson n watching over the students

I really make people confuse, n some jealous bcos the CASUAL WAY seems to work

It's as if the divinities are all present n walking around helping to teach a class n watching them closely to detect any difficulties that may hinder each one n give immediate help
Sun, 3:16 AM

BB: yes and i believe so
i haven't seen anyone does like you
Sun, 10:07 AM

AA: Hehe! GM is too restricted during group cultivate telecast live.
That's why now he tell them to change n don't always cloudless fine sky n big calm sea n moon disc
Sun, 10:56 AM

are you watching Live cast?
Sun, 11:13 AM

BB: yes
Sun, 11:18 AM

AA: shimu real sick lol. her aura bad. Qi deficient. she keeps her mouth opens to breathe

Most of the VMs are slumping n didn't sit straight too. GM said must keep spine straight so central channel can be straight
Sun, 11:28 AM

BB: wah that's real bad
Sun, 11:28 AM

AA: GM publicly said she needs blessing from him, real no joke!
Sun, 11:28 AM

BB: no wonder, it's getting obvious
Sun, 11:29 AM

AA: Yup.
They real slow. I finished chanting n yet they haven't start :)
Sun, 11:30 AM

BB: yes, i also think they're slow
Sun, 11:32 AM

AA: Today's sermon very like what I said in facebook.

"All of us started being Conditioned from birth. Therefore, lots of our Body Speech Mind are by-products of all experiences and training received. Its interesting to get others' views on what they have been taught and learnt. :) Standing in the Middle Path, all are Right because what they see are honestly exhibited! 
Like GM Lu said that students mimic his actions, for example moving or flapping his ears! :) "
Sun, 12:21 PM

BB: yes
Sun, 12:21 PM

AA: No hindrance mindset
GM said only enlightened will know
cutting the stupas again :)
Sun, 12:23 PM

BB: yes, only the enlightened ones will understand
so this is a cross-check tool

:) happy cutting
the rounded one is the most difficult part
 Sun, 12:23 PM

AA: See? when ppl hit at you, they are educating you. it's good
N I warned core members not to do harmful stuff that harm themselves only
Sun, 12:29 PM

BB: yes hor


Dear all, 
I have stated many times that when you have the Fundamentals of Dharma, you are armed well and can then execute at will upon situational requirements.

GM Lu touches on 大用 - Big Use, in his recent speech too! :)
Have you watch the recent video documenting this? 

** Note

This is Without Prejudice:
The auras of those mentioned are gleaned from the Live Cast and not the recorded version. It's all done, Real Time!

If you do not want to let on that you are just "pretending" to cultivate, then do as GM Lu said: Keep your spine straightened so that your Central Channels are straight too!

Hehe! Just trying to caution those that are "Pretending" or "Acting", to not waste their limited lifetime for this visit, wastefully!

What a waste when you have a Living Buddha as Root Guru, teaching you such great Dharma to succour Self as well as others!!!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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