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本尊来教你 Yidam Comes To Teach You

Terjemahan Indonesia: Sang Yidam Datang Untuk Mengajarmu

Above: Sakyamuni Buddha is the Yidam that was present during Samadhi.
Below: Vajrasattva was the Yidam present.

Above: Sitting outside Jin-mu's hall in Caotun temple, Jin-mu is the yidam present giving guidances.

Above & Below: Presence of Light orbs, indicated the presence of Divinities.

Above: The golden light orb appearance coincide with the vision of Sharpyinma.

A few hours after I took refuge with GM Lu, He appeared in my dream smiling and looking on while a crowd surrounded a younger version of me, asking for Longevity Elixir. I was 30 years younger!
GM Lu said he is practicing the 回春法-return to spring (means youth) practice.

Then 4 days after that, I was on board a plane flying home from HK.
There was great turbulence mid-way.
I touch the chanting bracelet I was wearing and getting it off my wrist to start chanting mantra.
Before I even started the mantra, a tall standing Buddha appeared and with his right hand settle the plane into his palm.
The turbulence stop immediately!
I was chanting or singing the Vairocana Buddha mantra the past few days with the bracelet of special wax bought at a booth outside Wong Tai Sin Temple, in HK.

21 days after refuge, chanting the High King Avalokitesvara sutra, the vision of a pale milk color lighted lotus begins to bloom in my Heart Chakra!
The total chanted was about 400+.

Now, this Boddhisattva appeared and taught me the visualisation of the lotus blooming in the Heart Chakra and the placement of all the Divinities named in the sutra!
I also found out that our Heart Chakra is in the centre of our chest or sternum, and not like the real heart organ that lies more to the left of the sternum.

There are many visions that appeared during cultivation or when in Samadhi.

The one that I shared in Seattle Temple, on 7 November 2009, my maiden dharma speech, is yet another interesting one.

Sometime in March 2009, while practicing the 4 Preliminaries at a local chapter.
At the stage when we chant 108 times of Guru Mantra before entering the Yidam practice proper.
7 times into this mantra, the vision of GM appeared in the centre of earth and I somehow know I am this GM!
As I continue to chant, light radiated from this GM outwards and clears the inside of the Earth, expelling all darkness.
Then as these darkness leave the surface of the Earth, many duplicates of GM appeared and plastered up the whole Earth surface.
All GMs continue to chant and radiate light, engulfing the whole Earth with a think round of dazzling white light.

This is a real fantastic vision of Transformation or Yoga, resulting in succour all sentient beings and transforming them in GM, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng.

GM came and teach me this one!

Hahaha! this is well before the Visualisation of Void too!

O! The void visuals are the ones that GM Lu pointed out recently, stating that they need to vary and not stay the same all the time!

During a group cultivation conducted by me.
I placed student WW on my right, in the front row.
He needs some help.

When I formed the Vajrasattva's mudra, Vajrasattva appeared and showed me this visuals.
Vajrasattva appears from the universal void, and from his heart chakra the 100 syllable mantra wheel spins and shoot great dazzling white light direct at the student WW's heart chakra.
So I explained this vision and we use this method of visualisation for this group cultivation session.
WW received much blessing and he is still chanting 108 times or more of 100 syllable mantra daily! :)

On another occasion, I was preparing to chant Maha Mayura mantra and I found myself seated in a relaxed position atop the back of a golden peacock. The swaying and rocking motion of the peacock strolling along a path that has trees lined up on both sides.
I do not have the ornaments or weapons in my hands too!

I learnt not to be fixated on what each hands is holding and there is also variation to the standard image.

I was visiting Taiwan with a group of students from a local chapter.
As I sat in a temple with the  Lake's dragon king, I saw a mural of the 8 fairies and then a younger version of Jin-mu or Golden Mother.

As GM said, there are younger version of Golden Mother!

I have also shared many times that as long as you are sincere, GM Lu will find a way to teach you or show you how to cultivate!

KEY: you have to trust GM Lu Absolutely!

Many of my experiences became methods of visualisation for cultivation and I shared quite a lot in this blog too!

If you are really interested to Broaden your mind, please go through my sharings from the start!

O! Please remember that I only can be mobilised by GM Lu's personal instruction and No One Else!

Please don't waste your time ordering me around!

Cheers All.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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