Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sentient Beings Can Never Best Buddhas 凡人永远不能超越佛

The coronation of Thubten Ksiti Rinpoche in view of the whole world and recorded Live on video too!
To those that asked what is going to happen to TBS when GM Lu retires, you got the answer "Loud & Clear"! :)
A True Buddha for True Buddha School!
AA: wooden plank here is only 1 dollar
no wonder people are rushing to buy them

LL: Hehe! I am lying down after taking flu med

AA: yes hor, it gave me headache too

LL: But the talisman written is important,  those with printed fu n no empowerment or initialisation are not effective.
GM stressed these again recently

AA: yes, i understand

LL: I personally invoke gm n jinmu n whichever yidam I request help from to write the talisman

Like the one for homeless spirits n etc. with GM jinmu n guanyin

Hehe! She came n remind me that I left her out! :) :) :)

AA: that's why when they sell so cheap, people tend to underestimate it

LL: make her work but don't include her in offering dedication or chant her mantra! how can!!!

GM taught to cultivate one session then can draw talisman. as the words are orders to execute tasks

AA: hmmm

LL: chatting with GM about how core had murdered TBS! it's all in ruins now, n once GM let go, complete disintegration.

Hahaha! the sentient being created only garbage n sadly n ignorantly they fight over these garbages

They didn't realized that a true yogi with the support of the whole universe can set up new at any time any place with ease
with gm's help, we setup Pk easily
none can hinder us :) :) :)

We are firm n steadfast enough to take occasional potshots at them too. Hehe

AA: yes, that's true
the new living buddha has been coronated with rinpoche's name too
so the universe has all the plan ahead of them :) :)

LL: Yup. both little living Buddhas can set up new school of their own n name them whatever they wish.

the handing over already done in front of the world n these ignorant still busy plotting

sentient beings can never best Buddhas

2 is still in his own dream of being king
I have stated that TBS must have a buddha at the helm or throne! 
they didn't take the hint!
They think I want to seize the throne! hilarious!

AA: Yes very obvious

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