Friday, June 5, 2015

总委成员醒醒 Wakey Wakey Core Members!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Komite Pusat, Saatnya Sadar!

Referring to the following sermon:

i am listening to GM's speech on sunday. hilarious

he talks about variation of visualisation n said that the standard that core churns gives him headache when he sees it

so those that hit me with doing something GM never teach should really wake up lol!


Dear all, in the speech which link are given above, GM Lu actually came all out In Support of those that come up with Variation in Visualisation and Effectively too!

Please go take at look at Pure Karma's Variation in our Media Centre page or watch the video of cultivation sessions shared by us in this blog. :)

Innovation is not restricted by Titles or Self Perceived or Proclaimed Importance or status in sentient realm! 


Many hit at me alleging that I am teaching all the wrong stuff and most not what GM Lu has ever teach to anyone of them or publicly!

If you understand what GM Lu is teaching or sharing all the time, and can achieved yogic union with any yidam of current choice, the visualisation part can be a great variety of interesting but SIMPLE moves!

I remembered before leading cultivation at an invited venue, the Chapter's chief tell me that I need to adhere to the Standard Sadhana set out by Core!

If you have studied the one that Pure Karma compiled for the 4 Preliminaries Practice, the standard steps are there BUT with interesting titbits to help you "DO WELL"! 

Knowing what you are doing at each step is of utmost importance in Advancement!

Yes! A VM walked up to me in Taiwan Temple near where GM Lu is signing books in the reception room. 
We were about 16 feet away from GM Lu.
He said: Lianchu, you can't do homa the way you are doing, Shizun didn't teach like that!  You have to stop immediately!
I smiled at him, while transmitting this message to GM Lu and then walked away.

This VM like many that GM Lu pointed out in the above session, are too fixated and don't know how to vary or be innovative!


Although GM Lu said that Comparison brings Disputes, I hereby asked All, 
"Who is the True VM that can cultivate and share Authentic Techniques"?

 Not the Ones that are Dressed up with the 5 Buddhas Crowns, agree?


What has Core done to Lotuschef?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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