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只有狗才會愛你!Only Dog Will Love You!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Hanya Anjing yang akan Mencintaimu!

The following is a joke shared by GM Lu - dated 25 Feb. 2012

Translated into English by Lama Lotuschef.

Please do your own translation to have a version that you can understand at this stage of your cultivation. 

Cheers All.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


Source: 【笑話出處】《蓮生活佛 盧勝彥法王2012.2.25.法語開示》

A couple was quarrelling, and the Female said to the Male: Only dog will love you!

Male very calmly, very steadily, very caringly  said: Yesterday, I just inherited my late dad's estate totalling more than a hundred billions.

Upon hearing these, the female immediately prostrate on the floor and bark: Wang! Wang! Wang! Wang! Wang! 

【蓮生活佛 盧勝彥法王(盧師尊) 妙語演繹】
GM Lu explained the above uniquely in Dharma Context.

Lost because of Money! Even to the extend of learning to Bark like a dog, because she said that [ Only dog will love you!]

Us, Buddha's students, cannot be lost because of Money, Fame, Status, or even because of love & feelings, Must maintain clarity status, this way is much better for cultivation, if you are lost, fixatedly lost, that is Fixation or Attachment.

Our intelligence and wisdom, in learning Buddha, Dharma, Sangha,
and if you hear True Dharma, you should memorise firmly by heart,
key-points memorise in your heart,
how to practice cultivation,
how to cultivate dharma,
how to chant sutra,
how to do visualisation,
how to form mudra,
how to chant mantra,
all have methods and key-points.


I talked about Fixation in recent articles! :)


You think that you fully comprehend the articles you read from my blog and thus formed an opinion and judged me! 

Did you truly understand what I am trying to share?

Sadly, NO!

I put in a clause stating: These are statements of a certain student, didn't I?

That is a Single-pointed view of the student relating her Version of what she made-up of another person only!

But the story was used as a live example to discuss Dharma! :)

Let me share with you something important to remember before you start to go convince or instigate any matters or start a war with only your short sighted and limited view and comprehension of the surfaces of matters! 

If you need to convince others to gain majority "votes" or opinions against a True Sangha, make sure you are armed with adequate "ammunitions" consisting only of Buddha's Philosophy and Dharma! 

Buddha's Philosophy and Dharma are geared towards "Awakening" an Individual's own Buddha nature and resulting in the Awakened Individual performing for the benefits of all beings!

Telling others to stay away from someone that you judged as unsatisfactory; 
or like VM HJ telling others to not befriend those she had pronounced as "Bad"; 
Pray tell where is your Root Guru at these times and 
What happened to your Root Guru's teachings at these times too?

Hahaha! Remember well and by heart that "In Tantrayana, You Must Have your Root Guru with you at All Times, if you are a True & Sincere aspiring to be True Yogi"!

For Qualities of a True Yogi, please refer to GM Lu's book "Sword of the Yogi" and there in lies 10 qualities that a True Yogi must have!!!

O! Remember that Dharma are methods to execute with the knowledge of Buddha's philosophy!
Don't show your utter ignorance so readily and leave yourself wide-open for All to Read!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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