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师尊讲 -欺师滅祖 GM on - Bully Guru & Betray Ancestral Lineage


02/07/2015 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple

Today's Yidams: Green Tara & All 21 Taras.

GM shared that many Tantric masters or gurus have a Tara as their principal Yidam.

First vow of Tara in Tantrayana is Transformation as Female or Mother to succour sentient beings.

Second vow is Greatly Compassionate without limit and fear. All Sentient Beings are Equal.

Only one type of people will not receive Tara's compassionate succour.
That is those that 欺师滅祖. (locate these - 20 minutes into this speech)

**[欺师灭祖 qī shī miè zǔ
成语解释 -欺负师傅与背叛祖先。形容背弃原来的师承祖制。
Proverb - bully teacher or guru and betray ancestral lineage. Use to describe those that betrayed their original ancestral gurus.]

GM said he always placed all his Gurus atop his head or crown.
He also never Slander or Defame any of his Gurus, no matter the provocation.

He follows his heart to act and that is adhere to his Consience 良心

Third vow is to assist Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva.
Taras have 3 Pureland -  
One is Amitabha Buddha's Pureland; 
普陀 洛迦山 Potalaka;
玉葉庄严净土 Yu Ye Zhuang Yan Jing Tu (或译:璁叶庄严净土)

For reference, study the Pureland listing below.




Dear all,
Well, have you done anything that is considered as Bullying or Betraying your Root Guru or Lineage Gurus?

Have you aided and abetted Someone to oust your Root Guru from his Dharma Throne?
Have you aided and abetted Someone in hiring of Black Magic or Sorcery, to hurt or harm or even kill your Root Guru?

Now the obvious question is : 
Who Is Your Root Guru? 
Or Who you consider as your Master? 


I just recalled an incident in Seattle's dining hall.

SR served up a single serving of Durian to GM Lu and said: This is the last and no more money to buy anymore for you!

GM Lu: I can drive out and buy some for myself!

AND another pretty Volatile one days after:

GM to VM LF: have you gotten the Extended Stay Visa application submitted?
VM LF: Not yet. I need a letter to certify from Admin.

GM said again: Ask VM DH (who just sat down at the dining table).

Before VM LF can voice her request, VM DH answered, looking at nowhere in particular: I am dining and won't attend to any matter!

Guess what?

GM Lu stood up and hit the table hard with his palm: 
I am going to leave this "devil's place"!
I don't like this "devil's place"! 
I am going to sell up everything here and leave in TEN days!

He left the dining table and hall swiftly!

All present, reacted!

Most ran after GM Lu, crying and pleading for him to not leave.

Any of you present that evening?
Or Any of you heard the details about this incident?

People really ignored and failed to respect GM Lu, as their Root Guru!!!

Now move to the Toronto Temple Inauguration.

GM Lu detailed what sorcery or black magic attempts were sent his way!

Question: No matter what you are after, is there need to hire these evil stuff done on your own Root Guru?

THINK: Will you ever be successful in your goals with these Evil stuff?

Will the Divinities ever grant you your evil ways?


Have you succeeded in detrimenting "Lotuschef", which you consider a "Nail in your eye 眼中钉"?

I am still doing what all Sanghas should be diligently doing or practicing!!!

Do you have an idea what True Sanghas should do and can do?


With Maha Perfection Dharma being revealed gradually, how about matching your deeds against what GM Lu is sharing now?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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