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人真的很盲目 People Are Real Blind

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 246_自己與自己聊天

Most people follows a certain schedule, from birth to death.

I simply list them as follows:

  出生亮相。Debut at Birth.
  讀書至上。Prioritise Studies.
  愛情盪漾。Rocking in Love.
  職場撞盪。Braving the Career arena.
  結婚聚散。Meeting and Parting of Marriage.
  子女同樣。Likewise with Male or Female children.
  身體狀況。Status of Body or Health.
  疾病侵犯。Attack by Diseases or Illnesses.
  掛在墻上。Hanging on the Wall. (Means photo of deceased hung on wall in memory).




I am a little different from others:

  四、弘法。Propagate Dharma

Said that there is difference, but basically the same, only special point is, you are a monk.

 We all live within this Frame, similarly Blind, Fearful desries, twisted, mutated, failures, smooth or against flow, defamation. ....
Living whole life, struggling whole life.

One day, I truly jumped out of this!

Ah! Heaven! I am Enlightened!

  問:  「你到底活著幹什麼?」
Ask: What are you living for?

  我答:  「現在我終於明白了,我根本沒有幹什麼!」(關鍵語)
I replied: Now, finally understand already, basically, I didn't do anything. [crucial point]

  問:  「這又是什麼意思?」
Ask: What is the meaning of this?

  我答:  「我舉一個例子,現在我一共寫了二百四十六冊的書,但,我說,我根本沒有寫過一個字。」
I replied: I give an example, till now, I have written 246 books, BUT, I said that basically I didn't write a single word.

  問:  「世人不會明白你說的?」
  我答:  「釋迦如來也一樣說,說法四十九年,一箇字也未說。」
  問:  「世人不明白佛所說?」
  我答:  「我明白。」(佛陀確實沒有說法,我確實沒有寫作)
  問:  「為什麼你能明白,而一般人不明白?」
  我答:  「我就是釋迦佛如來。」
  問:  「你這樣說,是不是,你就是釋迦牟尼佛的轉世?」
  我答:  「只是等同。釋迦牟尼佛證悟的,也正是我所證悟的。」
  問:  「口氣太大,你是不是妄自尊大?」
  我答:  「我不管別人怎麼說,信或不信,疑或不疑,我始終是佛。」

Please do your own translation, as the Questions & Answers are what GM Lu had shared several times!

Also, doing your own translation, will result in a Version that you can understand.
This will prevent you from creating negative karma of speech by criticising and maligning others too.

What we all individually learned from GM Lu is truly different. :)

Each of us should put in diligent efforts and not wait for others to drag you along the Bodhi Path.

For the Bodhi Path, you have to walk it with your own efforts!

GM Lu told you many facts about cultivation, but sadly, most are too blind to see and understand HIM!

Please note that Pure Karma is the First & also the Ultimate Stage for all!

Walk in for a Purifying bath and drop all sentient mud now!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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