Thursday, February 5, 2015


Below: During a Marici Boddhisattva Homa Session, the Heaven Gate radiates lights in circles like the star constellation and there seems to be a dividing line separating the space into 2 realms!

Below: Doing mudra series of various divinities present and doing offering and etc. on behalf of all!

Below: Doing offering of wine, fragrant oil, oil & beef.

Above & Below: Playing with Sparkles during the Homa session!

Below: Before the start of Homa, seems our universal guests have arrived!

Many said Lotuschef is mad, crazy, abnormal!

Now recap on GM Lu's words: We are all crazy to a certain extend!

To all those self-proclaimed GM Lu's faith·ful -

[ 1. loyal, constant, and steadfast.
"he exhorted them to remain faithful to the principles of Reaganism"

synonyms: loyal, constant, true, devoted, true-blue, unswerving, staunch,steadfast, dedicated, committed;
trusty, trustworthy, dependable,reliable

2. having a strong belief in a particular religion, ]

Do you truly understand what GM Lu is sharing with you most of the time?


[Chat:因為原來MD 對你有所誤會(包括很多其他同們)會疏遠您,雖然他兩公婆沒有跟隨一起,但有位師姐也受他兩誤導,我也費了唇舌說服他們, 所以不要提及宗派之問題,祗提師尊開示等。


Because MD has misunderstanding about you (including many other students) will stay far away from you, although this couple won't be with us, but a shijie also affected by them, and I spent much time and effort clarifying with them, thus do not bring up problems about our sector, just bring up GM's Dharma sharing.
I met VM Lian A, she also agreed, no matter what problem, GM will deal with them, and as students, just need to be low key or low profile.]

Dear all, 
From the above CHAT, use your knowledge of Buddha Dharma and let's have FUN!

1. MD's misunderstanding caused her to go around "misleading" others, and instructing them to stay away from Lotuschef! :)

A. MD likes to control others and dictate her stance for others to obey!
B. The Ones that heeded her, seems to have No Mind of their very own! 

Think: Why do One choose to Cultivate?

Hahaha! To take control of One's own Life & Death or Destiny or Fate, correct?

Now, recap from GM Lu's words: Only those that are Fully enlightened can give Unbiased opinions! :)

AH! Realised something?

The final verdict?

In my opinion, I would choose to be Abnormal and stay so too!
I really have no time or leisure to bother about what others choose to think and perceived too!

Do you agree that for those that have time to go around to Forcefully Imprint their values onto others and directing their actions, they should spend their time Fruitfully cultivating as per GM Lu's instructions & guidances, concur?

Do you know how much GM Lu would like to have most stay away from HIM?
I would also prefer that most stay far away from Me! 

See the mass always trying to get close to GM for Self Benefits?
See how GM Lu goes through constant "wearing down" by Faithfuls?
See how many are truly willing to put efforts into cultivating and DIY?

Please continue to [misunderstand me & stay far away from me] ! 
Merci beaucoup! :)

Why does Sakyamuni Buddha choose to "Leave" upon Enlightenment?

What did the 4 Noble Truths teaches you?

Remember that the highest level of Maha Mudra is No Cultivation Yoga? 
The characteristic of which is Maha Wisdom as if Crazy or Mad.

Remember the "Crazy Wisdom" series of articles shared in this blogspot?

Would you choose to join me and stay Crazy?


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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