Tuesday, February 3, 2015

千变万化 Immeasurable Transformation [1]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Transformasi yang Tak Terbatas [1]

Also read:
[1] Phenomena adorn emptiness, but never corrupt it
[2] 31-5-2015 任運顯,清淨空 Execute at Will Reveals, Purity is Void

The above articles somehow coincidentally were presented to me on the same day but different timing! :)
However, readership of both articles differ greatly and most probably due to lack of understanding of [1], which has great depth! :)

Lotus NN showed me the quote [1] from Facebook of Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.
I asked him to share with me and I am going to post it in my blog.

Then I went searching for GM Lu's 31-1-2015's Dharma Speech and found the write up only in TBS' website.

I verbally translated parts of the speech to Lotus NN.

He said: Fashi, this is very similar to what you shared with me for Assignment [3] about Void & Existence.

Me: Yup. Such a coincidence that you shared Dilgo's statements with me too.
Both GM's & Dilgo's statements are basically from Padma Guru too! :)
Same topic but different approaches!


Dear all, 
Just one topic from Padma Guru can be expressed & shared in different context.

Let us recap from the wonderful "Flower Adornment Sutra" or "Avatamsaka Sutra"!

Buddha has infinite Dharma or methods or ways to succour Each Individual Being!

AND according or respective to their levels of Karmic Influences which underlying factors like Affinity, Wisdom, .... determined an Individual's acceptance of Buddha's Dharma or philosophy, and subsequent actions.

Execute at Will ???
It is dependent upon an Individual's karmic influences which resultant is the ability to decipher, analyse, select, and use or execute Dharma learnt!

Student X claimed that she has cultivated as per taught!
BUT she also alleged that every time she visited Z's place, she somehow "Ka-ying" (means caught some negative thingy)!
Then she also suggested another Probable as "Clash with Taisui or Duty Star Magistrate of the current year"!

She didn't exhibit or show any signs of Steadfast Faith in her Root Guru, GM Lu!
Needless to say, she also failed to Execute at ease and at will the Immeasurable Goodies that GM Lu shared!

Failure to absorb and retain teachings for use "When Necessary"!


And shijie Y, also didn't exhibit any signs of Understanding GM Lu's teachings too!


Dear all, do you see the need now to ARM Self with Fundamentals or Basics of Buddha Dharma before you proceed in Cultivation of Tantric Dharma? 

Pure Karma will change Dharma Propagation path with immediate effect!

Only those that are really sincere in learning cultivation and all it entails, will be admitted to our sessions.

Homa will only be conducted in Private with selected few and open to public when necessary.

Change or Transform is a necessary part of advancement in cultivation.

If you can't follow or don't concur with our methods, please look elsewhere for those that can share Authentic Buddha Dharma with you!
No need to defame, slander or scold anyone too!


Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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