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佛的语言 Buddhas' Language!

  • Bodhidharma's Bloodstream Sermon
  • 注:此经出自《大藏经》第48卷.
    Note: This comes from <Tripitaka Sutra> Chapter 48

    Opening verse:
    3 Realms arise together, returning as One Heart, Future and Past Buddhas, Transmit from Heart to Heart, not erecting any written characters.


Dear all, remember GM Lu mentioned how Buddhas communicate with each other? :)

Well, Patriarch Bodhidharma revealed to us in his Bloodstream Sermon!

Now, think: How does Buddha communicate with Sentient beings?

Now, recap what I shared previously in this blog, shall we?

1. I arrived in Seattle on 25 August 2009. Submitted a form to meet GM on Friday.
I drew something on the form and was given the 3rd degree by LN, he wants me to write and explain what I drew. :)
Just to appease him, I wrote: vision during cultivation session.

When I met GM, LN commented that : LL asked me to get ordain.

In my heart, I said: thats not correct, I wanted to ask GM whether its time for me to be ordain.

GM waved him out of the room, saying: I know already.

However, LN hovered at the doorway and didn't leave as instructed.

I showed GM the drawing and explained to him softly and then asked whether I can cultivate this method.

GM patted my head and said: Can. Cultivate well.
This was the one I shared in my maiden dharma speech in Seattle on 7 November 2009.

Why is LN reluctant to leave the room completely? :)

If I didn't shared it at all, no one would know that GM taught me such a fantastic practice, ASTRALLY!

2. During ordination ceremony in Seattle on 5 September 2009, I was handed someone else's Ordination certificate by GM. 
So I told GM and he said go exchange later.
That's all!

After the ceremony, many asked me what did GM said to me during the ceremony!!!

Most are jealous of "extras" that GM might bestow on anyone else but Self!

3. After dinner, circling the temple, exercises, GM stopped at the "monkey bars" and did some flips!
Then the crowd gathered around and volunteers were sought to perform for GM's pleasure.

I was called and shoved to the middle of the crowd.
While making my way there, GM said: She has a good voice and sings well!

After that, many also came forward and asked when I perform for GM!

I like to sing. 
And do so frequently at home or some gathering of friends.

What is GM telling those present?

4. One afternoon, LN came into the kitchen area and upon seeing me, he said: GM said you can cook well. You should cook for us.
Then he asked: when did you cooked for GM?


GM actually let me know that My Offering, in singing or cooking, are well received, ASTRALLY!

But, GM also intended these people to know what is Guru Yoga too!

When GM tells you something about someone, THINK DEEP!


If you had THINK DEEP, then you won't have BLUNDERED, agree?

Practice my 3Cs - cool, calm, clear minded!

Works Wonders!!!

Bear in Mind: No one can hinder a Buddha!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

This is more hilarious!

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