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一真法界 One True Dharmadhatu

Dharmadhatu (Sanskrit) is the 'dimension', 'realm' or 'sphere' (dhatu) of the Dharma or Absolute Reality.

Write-up in Chinese from TBSN as follows:-

Please go listen to the speech and get the most accurate version!

Also, please do your own translation as Admin alleged that Lotuschef is misleading those that didn't understand the Chinese language using English! :)

I wholeheartedly agree that each one of us Must put in diligent efforts to learn from GM Lu! 

Excerpts of the write-up:













真正的醒來就 「心不覺」,而不是只是知道前五百世,後五百世。
Truly Awake is [Heart no feel], not only limited to knowing future 500 lifetimes, past 500 lifetimes.


Dharmadhatu (Skt. dharmadhātu; Tib. chö ying; Tib. ཆོས་ཀྱི་དབྱིངས་, Wyl. chos kyi dbyings) — literally ‘the essence or expanse of phenomena’.
All-encompassing space. 
Dharmadhatu can be synonymous with buddha nature.

Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche writes: The word for space is དབྱིངས་, ying in Tibetan, dhātu in Sanskrit. […] The word space is used because the dharmadhatu is like the body or realm of empty space where different things, like clouds, birds, and airplanes can fly around without obstruction. 

This is because the nature of space is empty and nonexistent. 
Due to this quality of openness, things can occur. 

Likewise, dharmadhatu is the essence of things—empty and inconcrete—where all phenomena such as trees, houses, mountains, oneself, other beings, emotions, wisdom, and all experiences can occur openly." 

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche says: The main image of dharmadhatu is that of space—the ‘space of all things’ within which all phenomena manifest, abide and dissolve back into. 

[…] Dharmadhatu is the basic environment of all phenomena, whether they belong to samsara or nirvana

It encompasses whatever appears and exists, including the worlds and all beings.[…] 

The relationship between dharmadhatu, dharmakaya and [the wisdom of dharmadhatu] is like the relationship between a place, a person and the person’s mind. 

If there is no place, there is no environment for the person to exist in; 
and there is no person unless that person also has a mind dwelling in the body. 

In the same way, the main field or realm called dharmadhatu has the nature of dharmakaya. 

Dharmakaya has the quality of [the wisdom of dharmadhatu], which is like the mind aspect. […] 

"Dharmadhatu is adorned with dharmakaya, which is endowed with [the wisdom of dharmadhatu]." 

This is a brief but very profound statement, because ‘dharmadhatu’ also refers to sugatagarbha or buddha nature.[2]

Dear all, with the above, can you clearly attempt to comment on Assignment [3]?

Especially Part 2 of this assignment! :) 

[[ 在修行中的什么阶段 [时间]是 [精华/要]?

At what stage in cultivation [Time] is [Essence/Essential] ?

又在什么阶段 [时间]不是 [精华/要]?

And at what stage in cultivation [Time] is not [Essence/Essential]?]]


Please refer to: 

The concept of Dharmadhatu which is Absolute Reality, boggles the mind of many! :)

You can attain this stage too if you stick closely to GM Lu's guidances and not stray away!

The Absolutely Enlightened Mind should be the ultimate target for all Buddha's students, concur?

NOW, Realised that what TBS' Admin has been doing and still doing is bringing you or leading you astray from Absolute Realisation?


Care to Wake-up now?

真正的醒來就 「心不覺」,而不是只是知道前五百世,後五百世。
Truly Awake is [Heart no feel], not only limited to knowing future 500 lifetimes, past 500 lifetimes.

You believe that Lotuschef is all about gossips; talking rubbish?


Why share Maha Perfection concepts with all? 
If you are into Comparison, then do so honestly with what Lotuschef has shared and what GM Lu has shared too! :)

BUT, please spend your time Fruitfully in learning up all the Fundamentals or Basics First!!!

Have Fun!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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