Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Buddha Dharma 佛法 - Use 用

The above are screen captures of GM Lu, one at the start and one in the middle of his Dharma Speech.
Please scrutinise them and make your observations! :)

Now to today's story:-
I was invited to attend a talk at a certain temple by a fellow student.
When the speaker was sharing his views, many nearby were busy chatting.
I request them to pay attention with hand signs.

Pinkinsh like the above and mingled with yellowish ones like the picture below. :) Hehe! I hope I didn't put you all off  (红腐乳) red fermented bean cubes!

After the speech, I noticed that a lady in a white laced dress has pinkish stools oozing from her left lower abdomen.
Her spouse and me were busy using tissue papers to help her catch the stools and we almost used up a whole box of tissue papers when I sighted the stools turned to light yellowish brown.
I advised her to go get professional medical attention.

Whats wrong with her?
She has colon cancer, initial stage when blood is mixed with yellowish stools.
When there is no more pinkish stool, she is actually "cured"!

One onlooker said: Fashi, you look like Lu Shizun!
Many agreed and they started surrounding me and asking for blessing.
The lady that I have helped, and her spouse kneel and bow to thank me, but I told them that we are equal and there is no need to kneel to me.
They gave me a red-packet to thank me.
It contained a large sum of money.

Next a lady also in a white dress caught my eyes.
I waved her to come nearer to me.

This dark greenish color shape is round her eyes.
I covered the above with my right hand, finger tips pointing towards my left with my palm on her left eye.
I started to silently chant Guru's mantra, transferring light to help clear this greenish shape.

The greenish shape disappeared when I removed my right hand.
It took me about half a minute for this procedure.

** I have seen others with the greenish shape that completely circled both eyes too. Thick green lined shapes like the above.
So you remember I shared this in another story previously?
Or anther with dark greenish wave-like line rising upwards from his chin and I yelled: [Stop!] to halt it before it reaches the base of his eyes.

Even more pushed forward for blessing from me. I sighted another 2 lamas nearby and told the crowd to go give offering or gongyang to them.
I started to move away from the crowd and declined further contact with attendees.

My companion, the fellow student that brought me to this function, called out to me and asked whether I am ready to leave or not.
I nodded affirmative & we left.

Hahaha! There were more that I attended to, but lets leave it for some other time!

Mission accomplish with great success!

Dear all, whatever you try to do in offering Help, please remember always to invoke the presence of your Root Guru!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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