Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You Are Your Own Worse Enemy 你最大的敌人是你自己

傻瓜这么容易骗!Stupid, So Easy to Bluff!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Bodoh, Gampang Sekali Dibohongi!

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[Almost all of Sakyamuni's disciples are fluent with Buddha Dharma and Astral Abilities!

Like Pindola, can fly high up to bring down a bag, hung high up on a tree branch!

Hahaha! In Tantric Cultivation perspective, Don't have means Don't have, can't bluff at all!

Look closely at all those who think being a VM entitles them to ride rough shot over anyone!
They also lack True Respect for SZ in believing they can bluff SZ!

SZ knows 他心通 - mind reading!

Please Inscribe these words of SZ into your mind firmly:
"Do not compare as comparison leads to Disputes!"

Am I ever your enemy?
NO! but you are your own worse one!


03/29/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple

In the above speech, SZ said that Your Biggest Enemy is Yourself!

[Almost all of Sakyamuni's disciples are fluent with Buddha Dharma and Astral Abilities!

Like Pindola, can fly high up to bring down a bag, hung high up on a tree branch! ]

Actually, another way is to "bring" a gust of wind to dislodge the bag! 

In Shizun's book "Wonder of Wonders" - 奇中奇, a True Yogi can manipulate the 5 Elements of Earth; Water; Fire; Wind; Void, with Ease and JUST ONE THOUGHT!

If Pindola would have summon the Wind Deity to dislodge the bag and not perform the flying feat, he won't be penalized to stay in the sentient realm forever, agree? 

Alternatively, he can summon birds to dislodge the bag too, without showing obvious action from Himself too.

To borrow a phrase: There are many ways to Kill a Cat!
Of course I am not advocating Killing! 
This is a breach of great precepts! :)

Therefore, a True Yogi or aspiring to be One, should be practice the 8 Fold Noble Path at all times.
The Mindfulness part is of utmost importance before YOU ACT!

[[ YC: Hi Fashi,
OK. No problem. I am half done with tomorrow lotuses. 
Need to inform you we have "zero" stock for vest, hada (very little) and main tray Indian herbs - zero.
Is not enough for next week offering. Let me know how I can help further.

LL: Dear all
Need to check with HL & KY for dragon robes
Never mind Indian herbs
Can put other herbs. We have so much in Stock.
Hatas depend on SY

For next week ancestors offering need extra tub lotuses for all registered ancestors.

Also PP might attend & we do wedding solemnization for him, he register marriage in SG on Apr 4.
AE is preparing the heart.

Who has the dragon robes to cut n paste? This week 75.
Next week don't know yet.
Please let me know

BT: Dear Fashi
I will bring about 340 lotuses this sat (divided into 2 boxes) n 10 packets of unopened lotuses for Indonesia fp in june. As usual one pkt has 108 lotuses.

YC: Hi all,
1) Dragon robe - this week Ok. But we need it for next week's onwards. [now YC said have - but previously said Zero.]

2) extra tub - just let me know how many I can prepare.
3) Indian herbs - Ok. Noted.

Thanks all, ]]

See cohesiveness of Pure karma's team?
Alas, our YC acts without Mindfulness, agree?

Sounding False Alarm.
What is concealed by the red pokka-dotted cloth is the "Indian Herbs" which YC said "main tray Indian herbs - zero."!

Once the cloth is removed, the Indian Herbs are revealed!
Scrutinize the offering hidden bu the red cloth, please.

Dear all,
In Fire Offering, we offer what we have or can afford or procure, with Sincerity and Joy!

That's all.

No Dragon robes; hatas; Dharma crowns; ..... doesn't matter an iota!!!

Remember too that One can Lie to a Buddha too!

This is from another session - all the Indian herbas are placed into this round basic.

SZ Knows Best & Knows All!!!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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