Friday, April 25, 2014

Lotuschef in Interesting Encounters 趣遇 [1]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pertemuan yang Menarik 趣遇 [1]

Blue, the color of Precious Gems, the color of Bhaisajyaguru; Dharmapalas; ... and most important of all, the color of our Buddha Nature! :)

Both cases here have medical problems.

Case 1 – History of nasal carcinoma 鼻癌
Sort of "scanned" him.  :)
My advice: he has to smile more often to have good Qi energy.
His health is not good and he has "breathing" problems.

He affirmed that he has nasal carcinoma previously and has recovered.
He is afraid of recurrence as he had heard much about Carcinomas being lethal and will recur which means death.

Case 2 – Fresh from consultation with a TCM practitioner.
My "scan"- he has very bad breathing problem which affected him, and evidence are he has problems for many years from "Unseen" stress.

My advice: shared with him how to visualize when chanting Guru's mantra and sharing Light with all. Taught him 9-steps breathing technique in detail too.
Advised him to do charity to benefit others.

He said he worry about work and bring in income to feed his family. He has no time to cultivate.
He has lots of mixed or unwholesome thoughts and can't do 9-steps breathing practice.
He said he attend chanting session for Ksitigarbha Sutra regularly too.

I asked him what is Ksitigarbha sutra all about. :)

He told a long of a son saving his mother, ...... and it means Good 善.

I said how about give me the Key point?
He went on in circles about the contents of the sutra!

Hahaha! What I hope to hear from him is Filial Piety 孝道!

YES! His mind wonders around and can't be precise! :)

I said: 9-steps breathing techniques help you to concentrate and as per SZ. employing thought to halt thoughts!

In Summary:

Most really go about blindly with their own perceptions and hearsay or rumors, Truly without bothering to Find the Truth!

The 9-steps breathing technique if done properly and regularly can ensure a Healthy Body and as long as your Qi energy is running smoothly all over, you will not only live healthily but lengthily too!

The above encounters seem to be the Signal that I am waiting for to re-insert the video of steps breathing technique that I shared.
It was removed because many are slandering me and even Core spread "dictates" to most susceptible students to give my sharing a wide berth! :)

So I withdrew the 9-steps breathing technique video and share privately with those with affinity and sincere to cultivate!

At Maha Perfection stages, you not only need good foundation of Buddha Dharma, your most crucial key is the Mobilization of Qi energy to execute or effect your Transformation!!!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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