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The mind of secret sublimity 秘密庄严心

Ten States in the Development of the Mind 十住心论

10th state: Both Tendai and Kegon for Kûkai however lack the crucial element of direct experiential understanding to truly realize what they preach.

One must thus proceed further by means of bodily ritual practice provided by the next and final state: Mantrayâna: “The mind of secret sublimity” (himitsu shôgon-shin). 秘密庄严心

This is the state of Shingon, whose esoteric teachings and bodily experiential practice constitute the summit of the development of the mind.

At this summit hosshin seppô is revealed and one attains sokushinjôbutsu through the micro-macro-cosmic correlativity of the three mysteries and through kaji.

Rather than rejecting or negating the previous states, this final state fulfills and encompasses their standpoints from what is claimed to be the most comprehensive standpoint, in view of — or rather in non-duality with — the Dharma.

In light of the Dharma, the truths taught in those previous states are but relative or provisional truths, expedient means that are helpful only insofar as they lead one towards this final truth but which can also serve as fetters if one becomes attached to them.

Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 15/10/90
(page 250-251 Achievement of Rainbow Light Body volume one)
Translated by Yuan Zheng Tang

The tenth stage of mind development as categorized by Japanese monk Koho is known as "secret and solemn" mind.
It is a secret because it belongs to Tantrayana; it is solemn, as it is the nature of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. 
Koho considered the eighth, ninth and tenth stages of mind development as of equal status. 
Eighth stage is the ultimate objective of Tian Dai school, 
while ninth stage - Hua Yan School, 
and tenth stage - Tantrayana School.
These three stages are interrelated. 
"Nature", "at will", "without self nature", "emptiness" are the common key words. 
As the secret Tantra is as solemn as Vailocana Buddha himself, the mind has come to be known as "secret and solemn" mind.
Tantrayana believes that our self nature is the same as the three mystics of Vailocana Buddha; 
hence our body, speech and mind are the same as that of Vailocana Buddha . [大日如来 Vairocana Buddha.]
If we emulate Vailocana Buddha in our cultivation, soon we will be enlightened. 
This is also the ultimate aim of our cultivation.
Once a cultivator can attain this stage of mind development , he is sure to be enlightened as a Buddha.
We always come across such terms as "at will", "non action", "no self", "no mind", "no manifestation", and "no cultivation". 
What do we mean by no manifestation ? 
If we are enlightened, there is no need for us to look for further evidence. 
And what do we mean by no cultivation? 
Once we are enlightened, there is no necessity for us to cultivate anymore.
In short, once our body, speech, and mind are as purified as that of a Buddha,
there is no need to prove anything through cultivation.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Sz's original version in Chinese:-

By Lama Lotuschef: 
秘密 - secrets or top secrets

庄严 - Dignified more than solemn. 

SZ said that Secrets alluded to Tantrayana which Transmits Secret Teachings.
Dignified is similar to all Buddhas & Boddhisattvas.
Originally, Kobo Daishi, classified State 8, 9, 10 equally.
8th being the Ultimate of Tiendai sector; 
9th being the Ultimate of Hua Yan Sector;
10th being the Ultimate of Tantrayana.

The 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, mindsets are all interlinked, like talking about Nature, Act at will; also about All without Self nature; All void of nature; 华严胜景 Flower adorned wondrous or amazing realm or dimension.
Tantrayana, secrets is equivalent to Vairocana Buddha's Dignity, thus termed Secret Dignified Mind.

Hahaha! I hope my translation of  SZ's statements can put over a clearer version of what SZ meant to share in the 1st & 2nd paragraphs of the above shown article. 

**华严胜景 Flower adorned wondrous or amazing realm or dimension. - you will get a better understanding of this dimension if you Truly read and absorbed the first few chapters of Avatamsaka or Flower Adornment Sutra.华严经.

PK 7 :the yuanzheng translation added lots of their own interpretation like disintegrate n etc. which SZ never mention in his article. some tried to be too SMART

PK 5 :wah, adding some words can change the meaning altogether

PK 7 : Ya.
dharmadhatu is the key of this stage - [Stage 9].

SZ tried to explain this concept of things can arise & disintegrate in the void but the void Retained its Nature.

Pretty hard to explain to those without TRUE foundation of Buddha Dharma n Yoga
Void should not have Nature too! hahaha!
Thats why most are confused! :)

PK 5 : i don't know how to put the explanation for the limitless field of dharmadhatu itself
i agree, it needs some "insight" to understand though

PK 7 : I can clarify it more if you need. understanding Dharmadhatu is required too for the next stage which is Flower adornment realm or dimension from the avatamsaka sutra

PK 5 : sure, that would be very welcomed
and readers will gain some deeper insight of it

PK 7 : ok. put it into the 10 stage one then
cos the concept is one n the same

PK 5 : like the limitless field, expanding without border, and therefore the term dharmakaya too
i think kobo daishi explained it quite good in his opus

non-dualism in the tendai state

PK 7 : have you been good and reading the avatamsaka sutra along with my progress of sharing?
you need avatamsaka to understand stage 9 & 10

PK 5 : i need to go back to the material where i stopped last time

PK 7 : you need to just do a leisurely n relaxing stroll thru the first parts of the 80 chapters.

enjoy the scenic stroll then u can understand stage 9 & 10 lol! :)

go read my reviews again

cultivation really need lots of sincere n diligent efforts n some degree of Intelligence too! :)

Dear all, No Efforts No Gain! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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