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Shizun on Balancing Light 师尊讲调和5色光


As per Shizun, the Lineage Gurus taught him how to adjust or balance the 5 colors of lights so that they are equal.
That is if you are able to see lights and they are of different concentration or intensity.
Do the following in balancing:-
When you see more lights of
白  White then turn your eyes more to your Right  右
绿  Green then turn Left 左
蓝  Blue then keep eyes in the centre 中央
红  Red then look downwards 下
黄  Yellow then look upwards 上

You might not believe me for these! :)

I use my left hand to help students hold up the lotus offering & help them to send the offering to Shizun & All Divinities!

Now my Right Hand is placed on the students' left shoulders for a while.

In this "while" my Right Hand picks up signals of what is unbalanced in this student & I do "balancing" accordingly!

What happened is that the fingers will twitch as indicators of "problems".

Our basic 5 elements of earth; water; fire; wind; void need to be balanced.

Then the 5 elemental colors for 5 Great Attainment or Achievement of white; yellow; red; blue; green or Cleanse; Enhance; Affinity; Suppress Negatives; Dharma Treasures.

The signals co-relate to what is needed to "balance-up" for each individual, like if yellow is short, the person's health or wealth is lacking.
So draw more yellow light to enhance his health or wealth.

Hard to comprehend?

Hahaha! For me too at first!

Somehow my right hand raise upwards and I started to touch my little finger with my thumb and then the 4th finger, then the 3rd and the index and the finally tumbs up with the rest of the fingers closed up in a fist.
Then on the downwards move, descending on the top of head of the student, the fingers opened skywards then drawing the 5 colors of light in a sweeping move, delivering the lights into each students.

Very like moding!

I have stopped doing this locally for attendees though. :)

A student continued to do offering even after I assisted her in offering already!
Her actions were taught to her parents and other students also pick up her acts, thinking they need to copy "to get more blessing"!

Thinking they need more and acting without wisdom, is ignorance showing its ugly head, agree?

Well, Shizun said it is time to let all learn to be responsible for their own actions and also the Right path to walk in cultivation.

I am still willing to help those sincere ones do offering and teaching them how to so sincere offering.
I am also willing to "measure" their balances and help them "balance up" too.

Lets see their Affinity though! :)

Remember M, the girl that can "SEE"?
[Article: Power of Guru's Mantra.]

She can draw the different colors of light, individually, at will.

So what SZ shared in the above Dharma Speech is absolutely true!!!

Time to be more diligent and cultivate what SZ has shared please!

Cheers all. Happy Cultivating!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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