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Above: My Root Guru, Padmakumara, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, at ease in any situation.


Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 11/10/96
(page 244-247 Achievement of Rainbow Light Body volume one)
Translated by Yuan Zheng Tang

The eighth stage of mind development according to Japanese monk Koho is known as "Tao wu wei" mind. This level of spiritual achievement is so high that only a few people can explain it in words. Perhaps, it needs no explanation in the first place.
"Tao wu wei" is non-action.

When Guru Padmasambhava first arrived at Tibet, he built a temple called "Ren Yun" 任运. Even today, many people still do not understand the meaning of "Ren Yun". It simply means you can use it at anyplace and anytime.
In other words it is "at will". 
It is very close to Taoist's doctrine of "the natural way".
Thus "Tao wu wei" embodies the concepts of following the nature, at will, and non-action.

In short "Wu wei" means let nature take its course.

It is very difficult to explain this stage of mind. Many people have praised me for my ability to use the term "Wu suo wei" 无所谓 (let it be) profusely. 
When rumor had it that I was bankrupted, penniless, I let it be. 
When people commented that Grandmaster was in a muddle and his practice was crooked , I let it be. 
In short, there may be all kinds of adverse comments, I just let it be. 
If you are able to let it be and not try to vindicate all these slanders then your mind is very close to "Tao wu Wei".

Although it is very close , you have not arrived . There is a subtle difference between "Tao wu wei" and "being thick-skinned." People who are insensitive can also ignore all the infamous comments they receive.

In this stage of mind, people will do things in accordance with the law of nature. 
Hence they are very close to Buddhahood and Tao. 
It is a pity that not many people in this world can be so . 
In particular , the Chinese people , who always treat reputation as their second life. 
To them, losing their lives is better than losing their honor. 
Those who can remain unperturbed are considered the rare species.

Most of us do want to have good names. 
We will vindicate and fight for our reputation. 
Not to mention those who want to be famous, they will not let their images be smeared by others' bad mouths.

As good image has become important in our daily life, it is very difficult to get ride of any stigma. 
To protect our good images, we cannot let it be, we have to wage an all out war against those who smear our reputation.

Once nothing is important anymore, whatever you do will be in harmony with the law of nature. 
This is known as "Tao wu wei" mind. I can only explain it this way, there is no way to explain better in words.

Therefore once you do not care about your honor, you do not bother whether your share is big or small , your mind is very close to the eighth stage of mind development.

Om Mani Padme Hum


A disciple asked: "In this stage of mind, what kind of spirit can we invoke ?" 

Grandmaster replied : "We can invoke Bodhisattvas to help us. 
As those who are of this frame of mind can be considered to be Bodhisattvas or the great deities in Taoism. 
Both Bodhisattvas and Taoist deities put in their best effort, and they do not care about their reputation. 
They prefer to be pure , natural and be able to reside in emptiness.

As mortals, we want to salvage our pride. 
Once we lose face, we are unable to face the whole society. 
A Chinese proverb aptly describe this : "wu di zi rong" 无地自容 -(feel too ashamed to show one's face.)

Therefore it is very difficult for human beings to reach this stage of mind development.

Om Mani Padme Hum


Ten States in the Development of the Mind 十住心论

8th state: “The mind of one who realizes harmony with the one path of truth” (nyojitsu ichidô-shin or ichidô muishin):

The state of T’ien-t’ai with its standpoint of “oneness of all,” 
wherein one realizes that one moment contains eternity, 
a single thought contains all possible worlds, 
and a sesame seed contains a mountain, 
i.e. the non-duality between one and many; 
and between emptiness, dependent origination, and their “middle.”


Dear all, 
SZ has said many times that he is not bothered about FACE, which is His Reputation!
No Matter what was Hurled at him, He Remains Untouched!

Have you started to Harmonize with Nature? :)

Recent speeches were filled with Harmonizing, are you aware?

WHEN you can merge with Light or Boddisattvas, you are actually Harmonizing with Nature or the Universe, do you know this?

I shared with some fellow students how to Merge into water at Lake Toba.
I also shared SZ's article on Merging into Lakes, Mountains, .....
These are Planes which we can Merge Into At Will!

Merging means you take on all characteristics of chosen Subject or Object.
It is Yoga! 

What is the key requirement?

SZ told you many many times!

Free Yourself and maintain Purity of Body Speech Mind!

When you alleged that my articles are "Scolding people; Talking bad about people; ...." YOU failed to understand these are forms of Zen Koan, which are educational!

You learn NOT TO DO THE SAME! :)

From SZ's speeches on the 9 Yanas, he very clearly stated the 1st stage is Hinayana & KEY is "Not to Hurt Anyone"!

Now understand why I said "NO ONE" in Core has Yoga with SZ, cause they have yet to passed Yana 1?

Do I feel Vindicated for being misunderstood and scolded; slandered; ....?
What did I wrote?
I said that Karma is the responsibility of Individuals and nothing to do with me!
I also advised VM Lian Ning and all that attempted to "hurt" me, go say sorry to Self, for it is their very own SELF that will have to bear all karmic returns, Not me or Anyone else! 

Really nothing to do with me what they chose to do and still continuing to do, that are anathema to their Samaya or Boddisattva vows.

As per White Tara, recorded in SZ's "Sword of Yogi"; many VMs, and students of TBS are bound for the 3 Lower Realms.

One would ask: Didn't refuge in the Triple Gems promised exclusion of Dropping into the 3 Lower Realms?

Is your vow at Refuge or Ordination, Whole-heartedly Sincere?
Do you abide and execute these vows all the time, to help all be happy and to share Buddha Dharma with them, so that they too can attain Nirvana?

Sad to say, most students, not only in TBS but other sectors, DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THEMSELVES!

Know why I said that I will only listen to SZ?
Know why Core use this to delist me from TBS's reverend listing?
Know how Core showed the world how ignorant they truly are?

Note how their hostile and ignorant actions found no grounds with me?
I am not affected by what Core and their lackeys chose to do at all.

Remember, No One Can Hurt You when you have the above mindset!

I have shared my experiences in articles: You Say, What Can I see.

XR, superintendent, said on my first day of reverend training, in main hall of Seattle Temple: Sz said I have Horns, see how I will deal with you! 
师尊说我有角,看我怎样对付你! (in Chinese context - this is a threat!)

On another occasion, I caught a chill while working outside the Kitchen proper, preparing ingredients to be cook. 
I met XR while at the foot of the steps up to the temple.
He came down these steps and said to me:
You are extremely rich, too much wealth equates to weak health, you give me over all your money then you won't get sick!

Hahaha! Did he mean that he cast evil stuff on me to get my Wealth?
So as long as I hand over "all my money", I will really recover immediately?

Hahaha! Yes! What a shocking behavior of someone in administrative position?

Thanks to this XR, I am oblivious to what Ignorants choose to hurl at me.

We grow with experiences, agree?

O! He realized his mistakes and warned me to not speak of anything that I shouldn't during my dharma speech - 7 November 2009.
开示时,你不要乱讲话! [During speech, don't anyhow say!]

So he knows what he has threatened need to be hidden from SZ and the world!

Now use Wisdom of Discernment: Is anyone with the above mindset a Threat to your well being?

Remember to use the concepts of No Form from Diamond Sutra.

You can void all at will! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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