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Raised Spirits or Possessed 起灵或俯身 [A]

From Facebook:

FP : 师兄,这尊佛像[有问题]!请指细看清楚一点。:)
[Dharma brother, this statue of Buddha (Have Problem!) Please have a closer look. :)

FP: Hi ganz, please have a closer look at this Buddha statue. Something is not too {Right}!

TC: I don't know what do you mean

FP :  Hahaha! I am telling my ganz to take a good look and comment. [With Lim Hooi Ling, Faith JunHao, Nino Candra, Raymond Tung, Hendry Udjaja and Sean Low.]

FP: But you can also take a closer look at Buddha's face! What kind of "Feel" do you get? We can then discuss

Sean Low It gives me a sad feeling...

From Hangout:

LL: Hey dears, see the Buddha statue that I tagged you all? the buddha looks pretty sinister, right?

LG: btw i thought someone old is in there

LL: I think SZ said something about the "taking on" of auras when spirits invade
the mouth like chinese call - mouth like a Blood basin [血盘大口]
can eat people kind n with their blood still all around the mouth n inside too

LG: the thing around the mouth

LL: remember the self proclaimed DC? has that kind of mouth & aura too!

LG: oh ya ya, that person
he can fool and deceive so many rinpoches

LL: hehe! Thats why I tagged you all lol
ya. But not my eyes!

That DC, I think SZ wrote somewhere that he is not genuine or hinted at his being a fake!

LG: long ago i read in the forum
someone did ask GM directly while he's at seattle
the person asked GM whether that DJ is a genuine master

GM just smile and didn't want to talk about that in public, he said very little about DJ

LL: I also wrote about this fake but didn't name him in the Dharma King Test series

LG: but i don't know whether GM wrote about him
i think yes, i read the article but he disguised the name

LL: He also didn't mention name but said one that claimed to be reincarnation of DJ only

LG: that he wanted to go and present offering to the high rinpoche, but the dharmapala stopped him and showed that the rinpoche is a fake one

oh that one is more obvious then

LL: hehe!

I can see, what more Shizun! hehe

LG: lol, that's why! hahaha
so many person got possessed and love to be high profiles

LL: ya. only those genuine ones like to stay out of limelight!
the altar need a cleansing anyway!

the buddha is very scary in looks n creepy lol!

actually I just recall going to choose an earth god for a coffee shop owner.

LG : the caption doesn't show the location of the picture taken

LL: the ones he likes, all very scary

wonder where that is too! :)

LG : oh the owner wants you to initiate the earth god altar?

LL : so in choice of statues, karmic influences of the owner also plays a part!

LG: so desne

LL: yup. I did it cheaply for him though

This TC has this photo in his facebook and he requested to be contact. Just happened to look at this photo!!!


LG: well, so it's like choosing a boy or girl to date hor, pretty related to the karmic influence of the person

hahahaha so true!

LL : ya. same as choosing a partner too

LG : personalities and vibes

LL: hehe! Karmic negative really have to let each one do the necessary to say sorry

was it on 12 apr that SZ said spirits can sit into statues?

or from the 10 mindset thingy? :)

LG : must be from the latter

LL : too much info in my mind liao

I know the stories like in History but not the date n time

LG : hahaha, flowers of your life

LL : thats why I fail history! always short 3 marks to Passing of 50! :)


LG : i didn't like the subject either, like we had to memorise the past exactly as if they were certain to happen
ya bunga2 of your life, so many things in your mind that you can't remember each of them lol

LL : :)
people with flower in the hair is crazy or wants to be unusual to attract attention lol!

LG : :)

LL: about to draw out the VM lian J's altar that HY took photo last year
about the raise spirit thingy
now got another one to add to the story!

 Take a closer look at the above photos, please.

There are lots of animal spirits that "Stay Put" on the panel behind the Deities statues of the altar.
VM Lian J, does Raise Spirits session here regularly.
He would chant into a cup of mineral water & those that drank the "water" will start to "loose" themselves, dancing; prancing; rolling around on the floor, and etc.


I was thirsty and took up a cup of water and before I could plunge the straw in, Fashi Lian J1 told me that I can't drink the water like that. I must seek the blessing of the VM first in order to drink the water!

Hahaha! So, in Rome do as the Roman does!

I took the cup and went to kneel before this VM.
As he does his chanting, I also did some on my own silently.
When he handed back the cup of water, I made a request for him to treat my knee, which is giving me some pains from an old injury.

He replied angrily: Go get Shizun to heal you!!!


He knew that I blessed the water as Shizun and also shielded the water, so whatever he attempts to "inject" into the water, failed!

Think: As a disciple of SZ, can he over-ride SZ's "power"?

When Core's permanent chairperson came at me like a Tornado, he fails to see that Shizun is with me too!

Think: Would he unload his Wrath on to me if HE is able to See Shizun with ME?


Dear all,
Don't play with Fire & get burnt!
Likewise stay away from people that play with Animal, Fetus, ... Spirits!

Won't it be better if you are the one that can Yoga with Divinities or Shizun, to help others?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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