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Lotuschef in Interesting Encounters 趣遇 [2]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pertemuan yang Menarik 趣遇 [2]

Case 3 – Asked me about mantra " Om Mani Padme Hom"!
I explained to him that this one is Avalokitesvara or Guanyin Boddisattva's mantra.
It spans the 6-realms of Samsara!
Taught him to look at a picture of Guanyin and visualize that his heart chakra lights up like a light bulb, sharing light with all without discrimination or segregation.
Also putting emphasis on the OM & Hom syllables.

He should see people galvanizing to him within a week if he does this properly. :)

Case 4 – This one said that he has a feeling that he will attend to me eventually after seeing me in the queue. :)
After answering all my queries for official matters, we chatted.
I told him that my Root Guru is Padmakumara, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng.
He said he heard of Shizun.

Hehe! I said that most people spread words that we are "evil"!

He asked me where is MH 370.
I asked him where does he think the plane is.

He closed his eyes for a while and told me that he thinks the plane is somewhere in Thailand.

I said that I know the people on board are still alive as to location? can't tell.
Fellow students had asked Shizun and SZ just smiled.

When I asked SZ, he also smiled.

For the safety of the passengers, it is best not to speculate, else the passengers will be moved to other locations that are more secluded.
Also they need to adjust to new and probably "ruder" environment.

Well? I saw a certain politician's face, so this is probably political and best not to get involve.
This seem to be a political war that unfortunately involved innocents!

Dear all,
Case 4 is unaware that being in my vision or sight for more than a minute, a pretty comprehensive scan of him is unconsciously done. :)

As he closed both eyes and moved his head a little, his head is bent and his spine is not straight.
Which means, he is not drawing "light energy" to help him "search" for his subject!


Remember I wrote about CL, who does consultation after 10 or 11 pm?
How she would pull her ears for info from surrounding spirits to feed to those that Wen-shi 问事 or consult with her?

I just shared the 10 states of mindset thesis from Kobo Daishi and explained in Chinese by SZ.
Calling upon Animal spirits; Fetus spirits; Human spirits; .... are the early stages of mind development!
As per SZ, the accuracy is compromised compared with those that can yoga and invoke presence of Buddhas and Boddisattvas! :)

O! When you can Yoga with SZ or any Buddha or Boddhisattva; there is Really and Truly No need for the One to ask any questions when they are before you, BECAUSE YOU can already Accurately Read Their Minds! 他心通

All these are shared by SZ previously too!

If you are still Seeking External Answers after decades of refuge with SZ; YOU are really not paying proper attention to SZ's sharing and Never Sincere & Diligent in Cultivation too!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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