Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lotuschef in Chat - A Complex Mindset 复杂理念

Shown below: Lotus offering for Individuals. 
One per named Individual.

PK7: PK3, Ky's pair of lotuses this week last session?

PK3: omg, i forgot the email
yes its the last pair

he gave me some riddle tho, i said request must stick to the previous one

PK7: what riddle?

PK5: that's not riddle, but he wrote funny things
just give the record to fashi
no wonder he's xxxxx [this is omitted because Lotuschef didn't give any reply to KY's "Ask a dream on behalf of my brother".]

PK7: A complex mind or complicated one, really is a big problem n hindrance to cultivation! :)

PK 3: he wants to change EG with this riddle

[[ dedicated to "fellow Dharma spirits"

the hints are

1. they r not his relatives or ancestors. also not his karmic from past n current life

2. they came from different culture, religion and dimension but they are willing to follow me freely and become GMs students. also GM has alr accepted them as students in their realms

my aim is just one that is they all r happy. next time will hold a meet and greet session with them rather than see me and them from afar by astral travel

one more thing, they are not homeless spirits either

Fashi can talk to them if wish to but till this far never. i hope this can answer Fashi's confusion]

PK5 : this came after fashi wrote about SW
pretty much the same, but the one from Ky is a total complication

PK7 : hahaha! See how complex he is? can't just do simple things!
our special is strictly for self & karmic & any other, pay S$15/- each

Don't need to "waste saliva" to persuade us, so he can pay less!

PK3: yeah our Ky
well just register the same

PK7 : this one is last n no more deviation from our karmic pair package
I really not interested in what Ky choose to said or devise. 
Pure karma's boss is me & you people helping with admin
we need to honor what we accepted previously. 
But after the completion of these 7 pairs. strictly no to Ky's invention!

Dear all, 
We have been sharing the 10 stages of mindset thesis by Kobo Daishi and explained by SZ in his articles in Book 1 of Rainbow Body Attainment.

Lotuschef in Chat - Possess All Beneath The SKY! 拥有天下!

This is from SW:-
[Hi Fashi,
Just now after meditation it given me an ideal of getting an additional lotus for all sentient beings (众生) during fire puja. So that they also have a chance to make their offer to fo pu sa..
Can this be done? If can, can I start this Sat or next Sat?
Normally during Fire Puja, I will just ask them to join me when I m making the offer. Now I am thinking to get them a lotus so that they can do their own offering.
Cheers :) ]

Providing a chance for giving offering to SZ, Divinities & Deities, Pure Karma aims to help all with affinity in participating in Fire Offering, which SZ said is the Greatest form of Offering. :)

WHY make your life so complicated?

I wrote that Tantrayana is Simplicity; Sincerity; and doing with a joyful or happy heart or mindset.
One should feel Great and Recharged or Revitalized after each session.

As to those that subscribe for Lotus Offering because they can't attend personally, Offerings are done on your behalf by Lotuschef, and you should also cultivate sincerely and diligently so that YOUR OFFERING is effective! 

KY is incorrect in saying that Fashi has never.....

Go read through Pure Karma's compilation of cutlivation sadhana, please.

NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE is being left out!

SZ's 4 Immeasurable Visualization technique already INCLUDE ALL! 
Seems Ky didn't even grasp the very basic of SZ's sharing of Cultivation Techniques, agree?

Dear Ky, please be diligent in cultivation and try to understand what you are doing FIRST before you ACT. Don't waste precious time in this realm, doing frivolous and unnecessary things that might jeopardize your fate after this life! 

O! Don't forget, I can read auras pretty accurately! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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