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Lotuschef at Play - Faces 脸孔 [2]

Tok Chef 不要再欺騙不懂華語的同門了!!!!
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Tok Chef accused me of lying to those students that don't understand Chinese.
These are under Lotuschef at Play - The Fun Begins

Screen shot from the above link: 

Tok Chef and our Self proclaimed Second Master, 二祖, have much in common, agree?
Both of them seem to think that Fellow students are Easy Preys to anyone that choose to LIE to them about Shizun's Teachings or sharing of Buddha Dharma and Cutlivation Techniques!

It is really so very great that SZ was somehow coerced into sharing Maha Perfection Dharma by self proclaimed 2nd master or more appropriate to use 2nd patriarch! :)

The recent announcement of those with successful cultivation attainment like Anasrava Dharma are not from the VM pool! :)

[SZ's speech - Anasrava Dharma 无漏法.]

Please refer to articles on "Body Speech Mind" in this blog.

Now go check out the video recordings or photos of this "2nd Patriarch".

Of course in cultivation as per SZ, YOU & ONLY YOU have to 
1. Make a decision
2. Form an opinion
3. Plough in Diligence and Sincerity
4. Execute at Will

If in all these, you only Care for Self, then sorry to said, without Boddhicitta and sincere and diligent efforts from you, there is NO Attainment of any sort or Progress up the 9-Yanas ladder for you!!!

Tok chef is of the opinion that those that don't understand CHINESE are EASY PREYS for Lotuschef to Lie to or Cheat or Mislead, do you agree with him?

Tok Chef means that people that don't understand Chinese has no other recourse but to believe LIES!

Tok Chef believes that those that don't understand Chinese can't go do their own research online or elsewhere to SEEK THE TRUTH? 

Tok Chef is what the Chinese Proverb describe as Frog at the bottom of a well 井底蛙 - means sight/vision LIMITED to the walls of the Well only and maybe a small Piece of Sky above!!!

Now what has all these to do with FACES or more accurately Auras?

Now read this 2nd patriarch's Body Speech Mind carefully please.

As someone that pushed forward for a Public Recognition, of a great magnitude, ONE"s everything is for Public exhibition, agree?

Similarly in Faces [1], we actually learned to be aware of our own Self Projected "image" all the time, agree?

In fact, all ordained personnel should not have expression like Hatred; Envy; Greed; Aversion; Defiance; Fear; Paranoia; Killing Intent; Suppression of others Intent; ..... on them, agree?

No! Not revealing what I "scanned" from this 2nd Patriarch's facial expression and aura.
YOU need to listen and adhere to SZ's sharing and teaching and you will be able to read anyone pretty accurately or precisely!

Yes! Aura reading is not only on still subjects but on mobile ones too!

THINK: with much of Maha Perfection Dharma shared by SZ nowadays, and much similarity too with what Lotuschef has shared in this blog, WHAT will happen to this 2nd patriarch and his team and all their statements?

Dear all,
The [Who Am I] series actually gives some inkling of Tantrayana in all its varied and magnificent displays, agree?
These also seem to be what One can do when One has attained Higher levels of Tantra Yoga or Maha Mudra and Maha Perfection Dharma, agree?

It is people like Tok Chef that are Unable to see beyond their noses that came out to release their "ignorant missiles" which eventually showed them lacking to the world and also Turned these Missiles back upon Self, agree?

Now this "2nd Patriarch" and his team, came out into the open with Published announcement anathema to SZ's statements and teachings; they also launched "accusations" of their "sentient minded" deductions at anyone they perceived as "Threats" to their Lucrative positions!
This pathetic and misguided "members only" or "obedient underlings only" club is NOT an Authentic TRUE BUDDHA ASSEMBLY At All! 


TITLES are Frivolous sentient tentacles, agree?

One can't fit a square peg into a round hole, right?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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