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MH 370 - Bomoh King’s antics

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If I had seen Bomoh King’s antics earlier, I’d never have converted to Islam, says columnist

Controversial academic Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (pic) condemned the "Bomoh King" who performed rituals to find missing passenger jet MH370, saying he would not have converted to Islam if the ritual had taken place when he was contemplating the change.

He said what the bomoh (shaman) did would only lead Muslims astray.

"It is my fear that if it is destined for the bomoh to find the plane, then more Muslims will believe in the bomoh more than Allah.

"If I had seen Muslims resorting to such rituals to find a missing plane, I would not have converted to Islam," he wrote in his weekly Sinar Harian column today.

Bomoh King, or Ibrahim Mat Zin Sedunia Nujum, performed a ritual at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport twice last week to find Malaysia Airlines' MH370 that went missing since March 8.

He used items, such as bamboo “binoculars” and a fish trap at the airport entrance, saying that the missing MH370 had been hijacked by spirits and was either suspended in mid-air or had crashed into the ocean.

He performed the first ritual last Monday and when the attempt was 'unsuccessful”, he and a few assistants returned the next day for a second ceremony, using two coconuts, a mystic cane and a “magic carpet” to "weaken the spirits".

Apart from drawing worldwide ridicule, the bomoh's antics led netizens to parody the rituals through memes.

Ibrahim, who is now being investigated by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) for allegedly deviating from Islamic teachings, initially claimed that he was hired by an important person but later said he did it on his own accord.

Ridhuan said Muslims should study what was preached in Islam, rather than comparing the teachings with the antics of certain irresponsible quarters.

He said the search for MH370 should be placed in the hands of God for He was all-knowing.

"When I converted, I studied and deepened my understanding of Islam. As Muslims, all our actions must be according with the Quran and Sunnah.

"Actions that are against them must be rejected as they jeopardise our 'akidah' (faith).

"I want to clarify that the activities of bomoh are not from the teachings of Islam, even if there are people who claim that they follow Islamic methods.”

Ridhuan, a Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia lecturer, said what Ibrahim did also humiliated the nation and made Malaysia a laughing stock.

He said his children studying in Alexandria, Egypt, were deeply ashamed over the incident.

"Even if you were to ask non-believers (kafir), they would not believe in such rituals. At the very least, they would come forward to meditate and pray according to their own ways.

"If the Bomoh King truly wanted to help with the search using his powers, he should have done it privately without the knowledge of the public." – March 17, 2014.

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