Monday, April 28, 2014

Lotuschef at Play - Hanging Onto 5-Buddhas Crown

During cultivation, while chanting Vajrasattva's mantra, something truly hilarious flashed across my vision!


To the shock; horror of most wearing the 5-Buddhas Crown during an event, some of these 5-Buddhas crowns TOOK FLIGHT!

They were somehow lifted from heads and went towards the Fire pit and "offered" themselves into the Fire!


SZ immediately called: Lian Chu! [Lotuschef]

I looked blankly at SZ.

Hahaha! I am silently communicating with SZ that I am not responsible for the crowns flying into the Fire!
In short: "I didn't do it, SZ."

Some shocked faces flashed across my mind too! :)

Maybe it is Time for Dharmapalas to act to "Clean up" TBS or ensure "Law & Order" of an Authentic Buddhist Assembly!

I admit that I am pretty mischievous "at times" but this one just happened and not I "will" it to happen lol!

I am "Not Guilty"!

Can't stop laughing at all the shocked faces of those affected and those present witnessing the incident!

Question: Can I perform this feat using Transcendental or Astral Power?
Do I have any such powers in the first place?

Ask Shizun please. :)
For SZ, it is possible if he so please though. :)

Remember this Chinese New Year's Day?
SZ taught us how to "Generate" "HOM" syllables and stick them all over?

If you can truly do the sticking or pasting of the "HOM" syllables as taught by SZ, you might be able to naughtily "Lift" these 5-Buddhas crowns from their wearers and send them into the Fire during Fire Offering events! 

Remember that Tantrayana is Infinite Possibilities and with the relevant "astral" power, You can do anything you will! 


O! I recall asking a reverend: Do you want to be Shangshi (VM)?
The answer was: YES!

2months later, I was instructed to ask the same question of this reverend.
This time the answer was: NO!

So I shared certain cultivation concepts and some from Avatamsaka & Diamond sutras with this reverend.

Hehe! I discovered that this project was another enlightening one!
The reverend was never sincere in saying NO! to the VM title permanently.

Believing in benefitting from lying to me, then make a fresh go at grabbing the VM title to show that like peers that took refuge and ordinated about the same time, "I" can be a VM too like them!
This "I" is anathema to what I shared so patiently with this reverend!

As I said: True & diligent cultivation shows up in your Aura!
When your aura don't change or brightened, or another "surface scan" of you, don't show improvement, all sharing stop immediately.

YOUR Lies won't get through for long too!

Happy cultivating!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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