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Karma? Let's Have Fun! [2]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Karma? Saatnya bermain-main! [2]

Quoting from Karma? Let's Have Fun! [1]:

MY: .....jd kita jgn tersesat dgn ajaran yg salah! berpalinglah pada ajaran Triratna yg sesungguhnya. Namo Buddhaya ()

In English: So we shouldn't go astray with a wrong teaching!
Please turn yourself back into the true teachings of the Triple Gems. Namo Buddhaya ()

MY: ....janganlah kita tersesat oleh ajaran2 yg tidak jelas! ingat Ehipasikko : percayalah dgn apa yg kamu lihat dab rasakan. berpeganglah pada kitab suci Tripitakan dan ajaran Triratna yg sesungguhnya. Maaf klo ada kata yg menyinggung. Namo Amitabha _()_

In English: So we shouldn't go astray with a wrong teaching!
Remember the Ehipassiko: trusting what you see and feel, abiding by the Tripitaka and the true teachings of the Triple Gems.
Please forgive me if I may have offended you somehow. Namo Amitabha _()_

PK3: lol, interesting and up to you hor.
But he doesn't know how to convey the concept of Ehipasikko in this context.
[--- One of the Buddha’s greatest axioms is ehipassiko, meaning “come and see”.

It means to not simply believe in something merely because someone who is supposed to be “in the know” has stated it to be so (de facto); rather, look to your own experience for confirmation.

Look and discover the Absolute Reality AS IT IS through your own awakening to the Noble Realm of Self-Realization, rather than sit in the darkened theater of your own mind and wait for the arrival on the screen of a Lama to enlighten you.

Ehipassiko constitutes an open invitation to all to come and see, to inspect, to scrutinize and if need be, even to criticize the Dhamma before accepting it because there is nothing mythical or mysterious about it.
The Dhamma is pure and crystal clear.
It is as pure as solid gold.
The Buddha Himself declared:
"Do not accept what I say through mere respect towards me.
Just as purity of gold is ascertained by melting or rubbing on a touchstone, likewise the Dhamma should be accepted only after very close scrutiny."

This fearless assertion of allowing the teaching to be closely examined marks the greatness of the Buddha and the unwavering truth of the sublime Dhamma. ---]


In the above, MY kept repeating good & bad karma, then [So we shouldn't go astray with a wrong teaching!]

Hahaha! Hilarious, right?

MY actually refute his own words about (going astray with the wrong teaching! ), immediately with 
{Remember the Ehipassiko: trusting what you see and feel, abiding by the Tripitaka and the true teachings of the Triple Gems.}

He gave wrong interpretation of Ehipassiko!

So who lead who astray, here?


O! MY is really remiss here for not checking up who Francesca Poon is too! 

Francesca Poon is Lama Lotuschef of PURE KARMA! 

A name SZ bestowed to Lotuschef & team.

Hahaha! And MY kept repeating Good & Bad Karma to Pure Karma's "Boss"! 

One needs to understand Karma's nature or characteristics in order to help all Purify Karma, agree?

SZ said: Understanding Karma fully, One is Enlightened.

VM JX said that Lotuschef has Heavenly Eye.
Weeks later, SZ said that those with Heavenly Eye are Enlightened! 


What most beings See are False and most often deceptive, and tend to mislead these beings.

In Cultivation, One SEE & FEEL with One's Heart! 

As to how to do so, pay closer attention to SZ's speeches, please.

Cheers all, please be discerning and don't let anyone lead you astray with False or Untrue claims of sharing TRUE & AUTHENTIC Buddha Dharma!!!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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