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Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng
(page 222-225 Achievement of Rainbow Light Body volume one)
Translated by Yuan Zheng Tang

Yesterday we talked about one of the "ten stages of mind development". Why do people fall into the three bad migrations (hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals) ? Because they have committed the ten non-virtues of killing, stealing, indulging in sexual misconduct, lying, harsh speech, divisive speech, senseless talk, covetousness, harmful intent and wrong view. The Human realm is just one rank above the three bad migrations.
In human realms, people are expected to follow the norm of "sangang wuchang". The three cardinal guides (ruler guides subject, father guides son and husband guides wife) and the five constant virtues (benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity) as specified in the feudal ethical code. - the way to be a human being.

Generally speaking, animal minds will only be concerned with food and sex and nothing else. As human beings , we are expected to uphold certain protocols between the ruler and the ruled, father and son, husband and wife. Moreover, we are also encouraged to value the five constant virtues throughout our lives.

By upholding the virtues of "sangang wuchang" in our daily life, we are considered to have human minds. It is still not considered a religion. It is just a way of life, and at best a philosophy . Accordingly, those who comply with the doctrines as taught by Confucianism (What Confucius preached), Divine Way (a religious sect thriving in Taiwan), and Worldly Buddhism will be reborn as human beings, and have better births than those in the three lower realms .

Those who have human minds and whose behaviors are broadly in compliance with the doctrine of "sangang wuchang" 三钢五常  will be able to invoke human spirits. They are unable to invoke a higher level of god to help them. These human spirits are, according to Buddhist Sutra in fact a "Non-human"-非人 a being resembling but not a human being (a kinnara).
They can't be called ghosts as their powers are not so strong .
The person who can invoke the help of these non-humans will be able to do such feats as "er bao"(耳报法   receiving information from ears) , xian ying (显影 showing events in images) and fo zhan ( 扶乩 communicating with the spiritual world ).
[扶乩  1. verb When two people hold a stick together and move it, the stick then will write words on a sand tableto express revelations from the gods. It is a kind of superstitious activity. ]

How do we invoke the non-human for help ?-
I have written about this in my books previously. First you have to carve out the image of a child or two. Then you place a charm on the image and put it under the threshold .
When a pregnant woman walks across the particular place, she would have a forced abortion. The fetus of the unborned baby will turn into a spirit floating around.
Once the Dharma master writes down the date of the abortion, he can invoke the floating spirit to attach itself to the image.

You can invoke the help of this "non human" to help you gather information. You will be seen as having a deva-ear, to be able to know what had happened and what is about to happen. This Dharma is better known as the "whisper of a child spirit." 灵童耳报法

Yet another way of doing it is when you know the time of a car accident. All you need is a strand of the victim's hair or a piece of his fingernail, and you can invoke his spirit to your rituals. The non human's spiritual power is also quite formidable.

What I can say is that the non-human is more powerful than the animal spirit 动物灵.
 In South East Asia, many Dharma masters are known to have been "keeping ghosts" to help them performing rituals. If the person who performs the ritual is upholding the doctrines of "sangang wuchang", he should be able to invoke the "non-human" to help him. This is the second of the "ten stages of mind development". Japanese monk Koho called the mind "Yu Tong Sou Zai" (obedient unwise child ). 愚童守斋心

[As ordinary human beings, the Dharma master has observed the so called "sangang wuchang", although he does not really know what are they for. But he just does it. 
Like what the Divine Path has promised, their followers will surely be born in the upper three realms. At the very worst, they can still retain their human bodies and never fall into the three bad migrations .]***

Om Mani Padme Hum

The use of Dharma master is inappropriate in the above, as 法师 does not factually means Dharma Master.

Dharma is more appropriate to Buddha's methods & techniques, in my humble opinion.

The above are actually practitioners of Spirits manipulation like those in previous article, Animal Mind.

The translation of Sz's article is done summarily and finer points are not well explained.

“三綱五常”(Confulegalistic Hierarchical Ethical Order)

These are from SZ's article - last paragraph.

像现在的一贯道 ---天道,守三纲五常,那就是天道的思想,他们这样以后再转世,当

守三纲五常的就是人道[十住心] 第二 -- 愚童守斋心。


[2nd state: “The mind of the child tempered but ignorantly obsessed with moral precepts” (gudô jisai-shin): The state of ethical actions and virtue that promote social order but without any “religious” goal; the stage to which belong Confucianism and the Buddhist precepts (ritsu) for the laity. ]

As per SZ, those who adhere to the “三綱五常”(Confulegalistic Hierarchical Ethical Order); is Human Realm and will reincarnate as Human.

一贯道 -天道  [Yi Kuan Dao - Tian Dao ]

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Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
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