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Terjemahan Indonesia: Pikiran Binatang

Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 2/10/90
(page 218-221 Achievement of Rainbow Light Body volume one)
Translated by Yuan Zheng Tang

While talking about "how we can invoke spirits" yesterday, I mentioned about the spirits of animals . They have certain powers - albeit they are not very powerful in many aspects. However, we can still summon their help in our spiritual cultivation and rituals.

Today I am going to talk about the "ten stages of mind development."

A Dharma master who has a mind similar to that of an animal should be able to invoke the spirit of an animal. What is "animal mind"? Japanese monk Koho termed it "Yi Ti Di Yang Xin" (goats from different areas) . Two words can be used to describe the minds of animal: food and sex. Animals have the instinct to eat when they are hungry. And they copulate to satisfy their sexual desire.

Human beings who are interested only in food and sex will be reborn into the animal realm in their next life. Although a Dharma master can invoke the spirits of animal to help him do chores such as divination and misfortune eradication , his life style is not exemplary as his main concern is limited to food and sex.

Those who have committed the ten non-virtues of killing, stealing, indulging in sexual misconduct, lying, harsh speech, divisive speech, senseless talk, covetousness, harmful intent and wrong view are destined to descend to the animal realm. Ask yourself this question : "Why do people kill, steal and indulge in sexual desire ?" Mainly for the sake of food, fame, profit and sexual desire.

Do you think that those who have transgressed these precepts can still be effective in their rituals ? Maybe, maybe not. Why ? Because they have animal minds, they can invoke the help of animal spirits in their divination, especially issues which concern food and sex.

Those who can get help from animal spirits are able to con many people, as they have relatively strong spiritual power. Many mediums claim to enshrine Buddha, but the fact is their healing powers are derived from animal spirits. The source of power differs from person to person. If the medium in charge is only interested in fame, profit, food and sex, it is highly likely that only animal spirits will come to his assistance.

Therefore before I divulge more secrets , I have to stress to you that if seeking fame, earning financial benefit, eating good food and indulging in sex are your aims in life , you can still draw charms for people, cure people's sickness, and eradicate people's misfortune, but since your mind is so close to that of an animal, only animal spirit will appear to assist you. You have to remember this salient point !

Therefore as cultivators we must refrain from doing the ten non-virtues. Instead, we must cultivate the ten virtues. And learn the fundamentals of being a human being. Those who have committed the ten non-virtues are sure to descend to the animal realm in due course, since their behavior are not different from that of animals. A point to note is that even the force of animal spirit is powerful, what about that of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? They must be formidable !

Therefore when a divination is very accurate it does not necessarily mean it was done by a Buddha. It could be the work of an animal spirit. When a temple is noted for its accuracy in reading your future, it does not necessarily mean a god has been in charge. It could be the work of a group of animal spirits. Under such circumstances, in order to mingle with the animals, the person in charge would have to behave like the animals, and eventually he would be trapped ! So if we want to live clean , we should not be mixing with this group of animal spirits.

In order to carry out spiritual cultivation, we must remain sober and have a clear mind . Once we aim only for fame, profit, food and sex, our mind will be filthy and this spells the end of our spiritual life ! We will be surrounded by animal spirits.

In conclusion, we should not underestimate the prowess of animal spirits. And we must understand that it is an animal's nature to seek fame, profit, food and sex.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

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