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Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 4/10/90
(page 226-228 Achievement of Rainbow Light Body volume one)
Translated by Yuan Zheng Tang

In the first stage of mind development, one can invoke animal spirits. In the second stage of mind development, one can invoke "non-human" spirits.

In the second stage, the ethics of "sangang wuchang" are closely followed by those practising Confucianism, and the Divine Way.

When the mind progresses to the third stage, human beings begin spiritual cultivation, and this is the point when we can consider the birth of a religion .

At this stage , human beings know how to do spiritual cultivation. They are very courageous, and fearless. Apart from this, they are also doing the ten virtues. They do not transgress the ten non-virtues of killing, stealing, indulging in sexual misconduct, lying, harsh speech, divisive speech, senseless talk , covetousness, harmful intent and wrong view.

Moreover, they know how to worship the divine, pray to the gods, and the way to do spiritual cultivation. The only pitfalls in this stage are that they are very jealous and bellicose. 
They are jealous if other cultivators have attained better spiritual achievement than them . 
They would try to challenge everyone who is spiritually more enlightened than them.
These are the problems faced by many cultivators- laymen and ordained alike. 
They are confined to this stage of mind development as their minds are still very jealous and bellicose- although they do the ten virtues, carry out spiritual cultivation, and observe the human relations according to feudal ethics. 
People of this mind will be able to invoke the spirits of Asura.

As many religions are in this stage of mind, I consider them Asura as they are jealous and bellicose. Let us recap. 
The first stage of mind is animal mind , the main concerns of which are food and sex. 
The second stage of mind is human mind, which follows closely to the human relations as prescibled by the so called "sangang wuchang".

The third stage of mind is Asura mind . A jealous and bellicose mind.

Many cultivators could not progress beyond this stage, as they always want to claim to be strong. Whatever others say must be wrong to them , and what they say must be right. 
Whatever they do are righteous, and whatever others do must be evil.
Unfortunately many religious bodies are in this category.

Many religions seek to discriminate against those who hold different views. 
They maintain that they are right and others are wrong. 
They are the strongest, others are no match to them. 
This is a manifestation of Asura mind. 

The third stage of mind is also known as "the mind of a fearless, unwise child." 愚童无畏心
Although this group of people have courage and are fearless, the way they go about is incorrect.

Its a pity that those who are fearless end up having Asura minds.

Om Mani Padme Hum

See --

3rd state: “The mind of the child composed and fearing nothing” (yodô mui-shin): The state of deity worship and extrinsic magico-religious practice for the sake of overcoming anxiety with the thought of attaining supernatural powers or immortality, or reaching an eternal and blissful heaven; the stage to which belong Taoism and various forms of Hinduism or Brahmanism.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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