Saturday, April 9, 2016

醒了没 Woke Up Yet?

    Someone warned us that we will be send to Hell & those that read the wrong wording will be lead to hell too.

    HAHAHA! 哈哈哈!

    For those of you that tried to stop us, sad to say that you forgot GM is a Living Buddha & will not let us go to Hell.

    净业 Pure Karma

    Actually the statements from the student NL alleging another, CY, is power hungry and etc.... makes a great zen koan for discussion.
    NL exposed his "big boss" behind the scene and he reveals that his boss and grand mistress do not share the same Team, as he alleged CY is in grand mistress' camp.
    He failed to see that, his accusing CY of wanting to get into the CORE where control tower is, revealed that his boss is in control tower, agree?

    "有人一直要求師尊給他名位, 認證自己是仙佛轉世,"--- 是就是! 根本不用认证!
    这说明:大老板跟他的手下是一样的观点! = 仙佛根本自己知道的! 大家同意吗?

    他明显的跟我们说他的大老板跟师母是两派的, 就是,意见不合;不能相融的!

    哈哈哈!你们能猜到是谁吗? 不重要!阿弥陀佛。

    其实,读这个师兄写的句子, 仿佛见到他身边的指示人!
    没骗你们, 真的! 他的 "大老板" 就在他身后!哈哈哈!.

    "大老板" 啊! "大老板" 啊! 想成佛吗?.

    不要再找 "杀手" 给你 "出气" 了!



Hahaha! These are examples of how Ignorant most are, agree?

Karma is always One's own responsibility!

If you want to practice Boddhicitta and help others, 
First be sure of "How true & pure is your compassion?";
Then, do study Buddha Dharma diligently, so that you can practice "At will and at ease per situational requirement"; 
Do remember that "Threats of Vajra Hell" is never something a True Yogi or Buddha will use to get his way!


The writer of the Facebook note in accusation of a fellow student, attempted to pronounce judgment on a perceived opponent to "defend" his master! 

Do read his [Eloquence], please!!! 

Have any of you realised that I have been humouring you all, all these whiles?

That is to make you happy that your image of me is "Correct"! 


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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