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24-4-2016 Ask Guru! 问师父!

23/04/2016, 22:34 - 
ST: Fashi, lately i went to see a unit. I like it quite alot. I feel the good vibes in the unit. Just that the price is abit steep. Duno if i shd proceed.
Lotuschef : ask gm lol :)
ST: 😂😂

Lotuschef : U need to sit or stand inside the unit, close your eyes n breathe in slowly n then exhale slowly. silently chant gm's mantra
if u guai guai your 100 syllable mantra daily. no place is bad for you2
ST: Ok i shall do that nx week
Lotuschef : we can easily change the feng shui of the place by cultivation :)

ST: When i go see again

Lotuschef : where is the place?

ST: .......
Lotuschef : O! that area actually not too fantastic

ST: Yea. Traffic is bad.
But the unit i saw was good tho i feel
Lotuschef : Not that. lots of gangsters
ST: 😅😅
Lotuschef : especially near ......
nearer ..... side much better
U can start doing offering to earth god n spirits of that unit too! :)
lotus n mix if incense paper
the thing about price, best to be comfortable n don't burden yourself financially :)

ST: Doesnt matter ba. I dont hang downstairs also. Haha

Lotuschef : Hehe! go ahead if everything is ok with you lol (THUMBS UP)
It's hdb or private

ST: I seen alot unit. Some unit u just dont wanna stay long. I realised its usually the cheaper one😅😅
Private. But is small one bedroom kind

Lotuschef : U going to stay alone

ST: Yes.
PH wife moving in soon
Kinda cramp

Lotuschef : He got married

ST: On papers.

Lotuschef : ok

ST: But no dinner.
Lotuschef : Dinner not important. it's between the 2 of them

ST: So ya i think i will move out.
Yes thats true. Save money and hassle also
Lotuschef : But it's better to buy a bigger unit lol

ST: Fashi u also know sgp le
So expensive
Lotuschef : I know

ST: If i can buy hdb i buy alr.
Not married also cannot buy
Lotuschef : me too
Hv to wait 30 months after selling private apt
so I got no choice but rent
ST: Yea i know that.
Lotuschef : how old are u now
ST: All the small apt price also nv drop
Lotuschef : 35 then can buy on your own

ST: Yes so meanwhile only one room apt for me

Lotuschef : I am use to space so can't stay one room lol
how much Is the place

ST: Seller asking XXX

Lotuschef : One room flat for XXX?
Too expensive liao lol

ST: Is a condo.
But the price is like that now le.
Lotuschef : that price u can buy 4 room flat

ST: Yes but e problem is i cant buy hdb now
Lotuschef : open market can

ST: Unless i move out and rent.
Cannot. 35yrs old.
For open market.
4 more years.

Lotuschef : I thought can buy from open market n no restrictions

ST: Cannot..
Then PH loan cannot pass.
My dad ask HW move in.
Like our 3room hdb is 5room

Lotuschef : But if u use your dad n your name then u can buy

ST: He dun want.
And PH also nt movitated to buy old hdb
Want new and want central.

Lotuschef : haiYa
Can u rent from JC?

ST: I dun wanna rent. Cause i feel no point. Its like helping ppl clear their instalment.

Lotuschef : That's not it. think of paying installments like paying rent over say 30 or 40 years. same thing
It's all in your mind, my dear :)

ST: :) :) 

Lotuschef : I invested my funds n the yield can cover the rental
smart management of $$
condo has high maintenance fees n paying for facilities that we hardly or never use too
ST: 👍🏻👍🏻 (THUMBS UP)

Lotuschef : so for me investment in funds is better than buying a flat
I worked hard when I am young lol
ST: Ok.. im working hard now also. Haha

23/04/2016, 23:32 - Lotuschef Lama: so if u pay XXX for a flat n part of it is via a loan, u created a negative $$ situation for yourself
That's why I said ownership versus rental. must think wisely

ST: But most ppl in sg is like this ma.
Lotuschef : we are yogi n not like most ppl ma
ST: But cannot be renting forever

Lotuschef : $ in the bank or in your hand made u the king

ST: I agree that.

Lotuschef : Ya. in 4 yrs time u turn 35 n by then u might strike millions n buy a penthouse!
ST: Hahaha strike millions..😅
Lotuschef : my suggestion is to hold cash n shop wisely :)

ST: Ok.. will heed ur advice.
Lotuschef : Don't heed my advice. the choice is yours!  :) :) :)

ST: I ask guru.

Lotuschef : Hahaha!
GM said the same. ..... :)


Lotuschef : I believe that good things come to those that is patient (WINK emoticon)

ST: Ok thanks for your enlightenment :)

Lotuschef: Relax. even if u are in a crowded place, u can project out n be alone too

All in your mind!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

24/04/2016, 15:12 - Lotuschef : your problem is YOU THINK YOU NEED & BCOS U HAVE FUNDS :). 
it's better to keep cool calm n clear n experience life 😆


Lotuschef: having more ppl around is much better than living alone too :)
whether its suffering or not, all in your mind n created by yourself only.
hehe! you understand what I am sharing with you?

Dear all, 
lots of us have similar problem with Public Housing and its stipulated limitations!

BUT, the authority can only do a broad-spectrum kind of treatment for the good of the majority.

Of course there are those that found loopholes!
I viewed a flat for rental & the owner has 2 flats linked to each other at the end of a corridor. He boarded up the partition wall and rent out the flats separately. 
The greatest mockery is that he is not Singaporean by birth and he has other property to live in!
YET, he owns HDB flats and earn income from rentals.
One of them he rented to an Indian family and the other to Chinese nationals working in SG.

Of course, the space & occupants stipulation or law is violated too! 

If you think this is unfair, then you are trapped in Mortal's quagmire! :)
The comparison brings you jealousy and feeling of injustice, that will give rise to anger, hatred and then the need to take what you think is necessary counter-measures! :)

Space is also very relative!

I shared with fellow students on how to move and tour the Heavenly Realms when in Medan! 
GM Lu mentioned much on the methods or Dharma to do so successfully too!

If you can VOID then you will understand most of what I am trying to share too! 

AND, please do not burden yourself with what you think you want and what is your due too! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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