Sunday, April 17, 2016

卢师尊与奇迹 GM Lu & Miracles [1]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mahaguru Lu & Mujizat [1]

In yesterday's speech, GM Lu touched on a reverend that has 4 tumors and 3 "disappeared" during the Heruka Healing session on 28 Feb 2016 in Taipei Taiwan.

Attendees were told to touch the spot where they have problems.

The reverend used both her hands for 2 tumors on her arm & shoulders and then she visualised the one in her uterus & told herself that it will heal. 
As she can't touch the one on her waist, that tumor remained after the Healing session!

Let me share again some stories in this blog.  :)

[A] - I invited Lotus JY to help Lotus Light Charity Singapore to distribute monthly supplies to the needies on Sunday.
This activity is only Once a month.

His answer: I need to watch GM Lu's livecast on Sundays.
I said: O! You can watch the recorded one. Its the same. :)
He replied: No! I MUST watch the Livecast! The recorded version is just not the same! 

[B] Recently, I advised a fellow student that asked for Homa Sadhana, to watch GM Lu's recorded cultivation session.
For those without relevant Abhiseka, the best way is to cultivate along with GM Lu!

CHAT - April 16, 6.23PM
Me: even the recorded video of heruka has healing powers too!
I was also thinking along the same line: even recorded versions work if the cultivator is sincere

AA: YEs like you said, the recorded video works

Me: thats why I advised the lotus PN to watch gm's videos on homa n cultivate along
another important point is broke off lineage...will attract only ghosts n not divinities [GM Lu shared this caution in Melbourne at Yan San Chapter on October 2010 - also during Mayura event.  :) ]

AA: Yes
Great caution


GM Lu said yesterday that VM LD's mom watched the recorded version of the Heruka Healing Session and she recovered too! 

Is Physical Presence really necessary?

What is GM Lu trying to tell all of us about the Healing miracles?

If the Reverend can visualise with a COOL CALM & CLEAR MIND, what will be the results?
Well, ALL her Tumors will be gone!


【大幻化網金剛 心咒】:

Heruka is transformation from Adibuddha, his form has 21 faces, 42 arms, 8 legs.


Yogini has 9 faces, 18 arms, 4 legs.


Dear all,
GM Lu has compassionately shared that you can do Visualisation to Heal even if you are short of Physical Hands or Arms!

AND, your Physical Presence is Not required at Real Time at the event!

Heruka has 42 arms and his yogini has 18!

Remember me sharing that I always study the presentation or thangka of the Yidam of the day before the event?


In Tantrayana, You can Borrow whatever you need from the Yidam of the day or your Root Guru!


Now, know how to truly make use of what GM Lu taught you?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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