Sunday, April 10, 2016

人间方便法 Mortal Realm's Methods of Convenience

The above are screen-captures from today's event in Taiwan.
The dialogue below are comments from some of GM Lu's sharing.

Please go watch the Full session and learn from GM Lu. :)

AA: It's all method of convenience gm sharing now
as long as don't force
Not yours then don't use force
4:18 PM

BB: yes, i love that advice

AA: GM shared his daily dedication
All for others :)

my dedication at the end of cultivation also same n for the well being of all :)

That's most important

BB: :) [palms together] yes
4:44 PM

[During the Abhiseka]
AA: Can feel dharma currents

BB: yes
me too

AA: GM is smiling so carefree

BB: :)

AA: Our vms don't look too carefree or happy though
N gm said he puts shimu to sleep every nite n blessing her with jinmu's help

BB: yes, i heard that part too, must be really bad because she needs it everyday

AA: ya lol. so what I read of her aura is accurate

BB: indeed

AA: she can still save herself if she repent and cultivate n radically let go n break free 
the wonders of dharma is that there is always an alternative for the sincere ones


The wonders of Buddha Dharma & its application or infinite execution!

Some students might remember that Shimu did vowed to cultivate diligently when she came to Taiwan, after GM Lu's return to Taiwan for long stay in 2010! 

So why is she still in need of help to heal herself, 6 years later? 

AND, from her own statements and that of GM Lu's, seems she failed in diligent cultivation, concur? 

Possessed by Animal spirits, is one of her various ailments!

GM Lu also made clear the various methods of visualisation he taught today, and their difference from what a True Yogi really should practice.

AND, where there is Buddha, Mara is right beside too! :)

Don't get grab by Mara!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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