Tuesday, April 26, 2016

真空妙我 Unique Self in Vacuum?




L: am I very bad to force her to let go?

A: no because one has to think clearly and not be blindly superstitious

L: She wants to hold on to gm ?
its obvious that she didn't put efforts to learn Buddha Dharma but just do charity blindly n chant sutra blindly, bcos she was told that doing so will earn her good merits or blessing! 
Sad that most are like this!
I am amazed that GM can continue to share dharma knowing most are like this, and never helping themselves fully to break free of transmigration
hehe! I am bad, I tend to ignore or "push" away these ppl!

A: but you made them learn (if they understand your message)

L: Hehe! most don't know what I am trying to teach them though
problem with eating no carbo, is very fast get hungry again :)

A: yes, have to add carbs although just a bit
i'm finishing the translation and feeling hungry too :)

L: i will eat yogurt n almond nuts

A: chewing muesli now

L: hehe!
what did u translate?

A: 真空妙我 Unique Self in Vacuum

L: O! thats a tough to understand topic though

A: yes, to the point of maha samaya boundary etc
deep stuff
but your message is nice and educational

L: hehe! U are my greatest FAN!

A: "Have you done effective Boundary Protection at all?

If you have, then your fears and doubts will all disappear!" 

L: and it came just in time as GM mentioned that from now on, he will do boundary protection

A: oh ya ya

L: he said he just didn't bother before n left things to nature

A: come to think of that

L: {真空而能生萬法,妙有而一切皆如,這是「真空妙有」的涵義。
(True Void/Vacuum but can generate numerous dharma, Unique Existence and knows all)
I used the same concept to explain assignment 3 to you about when Time is not the essence...
its really very tough to explain lol..
& Gm shared it so long ago but yet many Seniors still talking rubbish!

A: icon - palms together

L: i also explain about asking for boundary shield to be in place from a distant n for a certain period eg when we are travelling n away from home!
this topic is something I am quite good at :)

A: :)   icon - palms together
haven't heard others taught about this

L: how many can really invoke Gm to come n teach them ASTRALLY when needed
I can shield your flat wherever I am, no need to be inside your flat PHYSICALLY too! :)

why do u think GM sent me to your flat, in the first place?
n then your office!

A: icon - palms together
yes hor

L: most don't appreciate what GM does for them all the time2
think: without helping you change, would u be able to hv $ n time to support dharma propagation n be actively involved as well? :)

same scenario with ........ too

A: yes hor

L: ya. many things can't tell in advance too!
u have to experience n realised
and ppl who think they know GM well & can control him, is deluding themselves!

Dear all, 
Look through the photos show above carefully, please. :)
Your sight and corresponding analysis will help you understand this deep topic of True Void/Vacuum and the infinite dharma it is able to generate, 

IF you Know how to do so!!!

THEN you know all! :)

(True Void/Vacuum but can generate numerous dharma, Unique Existence and knows all)
I used the same concept to explain assignment 3 to you about when Time is not the essence...

The topic of Offering bears crucial keys to understanding "True Void" too!


What you eyes can't see?
But the Camera can! 

Offering is from the start of a cultivator's Dharma learning path & the ultimate is Offering of your Body Speech Mind ~ Buddha Nature!

Buddha Dharma requires One to grasp the Basics or Fundamentals before One can Step Out into the Great Void and "Create" your own scenario for the Benefit of others! 

Learn to "Interpret" photos and statements with Your Heart!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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