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2-4-2016 Playing with the Sun 与太阳嬉戏?

In today's speech, GM Lu shared how to cultivate with the Sun and how to transform the [AH] seed syllable! :)
Come have fun with us, playing with the Sun!

Please read articles about the Sun and related visualization before you attend.
  • Visualization – Mani Stones
  • This is a form of Bodhicitta through sharing of Universal Energy with Buddha Dharma knowledge, or termed as Sharing of Dharma Power.

    Using the same method. Draw the Sun or Moon into our Heart Chakra and bask in the embrace of either one of them with their individual qualities or characteristics.

    Remember that these must rest on Lotus Throne of your Root Guru. Root Guru is essential in this cultivation!

    Next, while looking at the Sun or the Moon, visualize transformation into Root Guru or yoga with Root Guru. 
    Then merge or yoga with either the Sun or the Moon. 
    The brilliance filling the whole Universe. 
    Meditate as the Sun or the Moon.

SZ talks about Light Accumulation and how to from various sources like the Sun; Moon; .....
Your physical or human eyes might not be able to see certain lights, but they do exist.
Look at bright light orbs captured on photo & the smoky figures of various spirits too. :)

The following are some articles on this topic.

Lotuschef in hearty chat - Power! [2]

AA: True, you're right, without soil, it works as well.

The one sun and moon mani stones sadhana that you shared with me last time, I found it's a bit uncomfortable to visualise the stone enters into me.

This afternoon out of sudden (too), I was like being taught: visualise the radiance of the sun the way you visualise me becoming the light.
Hey, what happened is the sun melts into the light and I melt into the light as well. And the two lights join together. Now I can recognise the feeling.

I got reminded from the article you wrote some time ago "these light can correspond with each other."

People will call me crazy if they hear me telling stories like this.

Lotuschef on Merging with Water 融入水中

Now is a very good time to practice immersing into Icy Cool water - turquoise [blue - green] color light fills you.

Visualize sitting in Lotus pose, slowly draw turquoise light around and into you.
Hold your breath to let the turquoise light spread thru your body.

Feel the cool, weightless, comfort, serenity ...... like a baby being cuddle by the turquoise light lovingly.

Visualization – Stars

I am keeping my promise to share with fellow students about the Sun; Moon and Stars.

I wrote about the Sun and the Moon in Mani Stones. Now to complete and fulfill my promise.


This came from High King Avalokitesvara Sutra.

Visualizing the millions and billions of Buddhas and Boddhisattvas mentioned in the sutra as Twinkling Stars embracing you with much blessings.

All of them surrounding you like embracing you.

Stars to me – signifies Joy, caring, sharing, brightness, comfort, peace, purity, something special; ….. bring a smile always without fail.


Dear all, if you have not ignored what I shared from the start of this blog, 
THEN, today, you will be able to truly understand what GM Lu shares about Using the Sun and Seed syllable of [AH] to achieve Yogic Union, a method or dharma of Maha Perfection Dharma, Tantra's secret within secret! :)


Want to come and play with Pure Karma?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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