Saturday, April 23, 2016

人命关天! Human Lives Very Important!

The quake struck 60 miles southeast of Sendai
in TBSN - seems the monkey forum was legally forced to closed the forum

BB: oh wow
through legal force

AA: front page news!
the other one is about Japan's disaster

BB: the kumamoto earthquake


BB:seeing from the photos, it was quite destructive

AA: Japan's earthquake n the recent one in Ecuador

BB: yes, and ecuador
what a year, and the weather is extremely hot and uncomfortable too

AA: japan's strongest was on 16 apr at 7.3
then the ecuador one is 7.8

BB: 570 dead in ecuador earthquake

AA: they are asking for donations to the TBS foundation to help the quake victims
last week GM said the tw earthquake authority rejected their donation.

means from TBS foundation?
the problem is that the foundation should use existing fund to hep first lol n not wait for donations to come in

BB: ya
a matter of urgency

AA: seems mortal's minds are same all over. Just recall that ll's team also the same. they kept funds from live animal release for the next session, in case the sponsored amount is low! :)

even not urgent like this event funding also need to hold back
so boast of collecting large sums to help quake victims n ended up, the $ was rejected!

BB: Sad emoticon

AA: the foundation should just approve a certain amount for disasters n not wait until they collected the funds from donors

BB: yes

AA: that means the foundation funds will never be depleted at all, BUT increases all the time!
have needs then ask for donations!
then the foundation's funds don't use, crazy admin
they are hoarding!
n occasionally donate to some schools n USA during the autumn event n let .....
GM announced that 550k was collected for the TW disaster, so did this amount get send out or not?
or is this the one that goes into the TBS foundation n then got rejected bcos too long delay

BB: ah ya ya
all you wrote were right
unskillful management in times of crisis if the funds were really rejected because of the long delay

AA: so lives is not a priority n the greatest joke was announcement of the legal forces used on the monkey forum!
got $ to hurt n suppress but no money to save lives :)

greatest mockery of charity
the mayura event on the 16 Apr n 2 devastating earthquakes on that day

BB: hmmm... what a sad move
putting face first
yes, both on the same date with mayura's fire puja

AA: ppl who collects money for charity or to save lives, but didn't make the relevant moves to do so, created great negatives karma for themselves

I recall similar incidents:
1. LH visited Sg & started a series of expounding the 18 Voids!
Fellow student, TG,  asked for help for his son who said that he always experiences someone stacking on him when he was asleep.

LH's wife, reverend LS, promised TG that LH will issue talisman for his son, and TG should go see him after the cultivation session.

When TG went to do so, he was seated opposite LS with LH at the end of the long rectangular table.
LS told TG that he has to sponsor LH's DVD recording of 18 Voids.
TG agreed to do so, and promised $500.
Then LS said that TG needs to do charity and sponsor rice & more....
TG then asked LS to list and he will comply.
But LS told him to fulfil these first and come back on Tuesday, as the next day is Monday, and the chapter is closed every Monday.

That evening, when I met TG after a Smoke offering cultivation session, he told me his problem and how worried he is for his son's well being.

It was almost 11pm. on Sunday, but I managed to ask fellow student HH to help.
The next day, I also called JY to help & we managed to arrange for TG to get help from another reverend.

My point is?
Money is more important that helping or saving someone?

I was later informed by various fellow students that LS always talk about MONEY, and you need to satisfy her demands before she lets you get near LH!

What GM Lu said last Saturday also very very true!
The genuine VM is the one that don't ask you for money!

Dear all,
In terms of help reaching the needy victims of disasters, why don't you try seeking out more direct routes to donate money and supplies and not wait for any organisation or institution to collect and accumulate and then forward your donations?

Like the Taiwan's quake donations, somehow the funds sat too long in TBS' admin's hands and GM Lu announced last Saturday that these were rejected!

Now think!

What if your donation of money goes into an organisation and the organisation uses part of it for administrative funds to upkeep their organisation?

Like paying huge salaries to their executives!
Installing gold-plated bathroom and washroom utensils and equipment!


All these are true stories!

I maintain the belief that when you need any resources for charity or dharma propagation, the Universe will provide! 

Note: For all sponsors of Pure Karma's event, you are also helping the disaster victims in some way.
The Homa script has a statement that states to seek blessing and deliverance for all victims of recent natural or man-made disasters! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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