Sunday, April 17, 2016

卢师尊与奇迹 GM Lu & Miracles [2] – 时空 TIME

Above & Below: Lotuschef during Pure Karma group cultivation in Singapore.
There is a "Shine" that one can present, only when one is really into cultivation and practicing Bodhicitta!

Above: In Seattle temple, during Lotuschef's maiden dharma speech. Lotuschef was 53 years old then, but the youthful glow is not that of an old lady, agree? :)

Above & Below: In cultivation in Singapore, alone and in group event in Indonesia.

Quoting from Void actually becomes Infinite, unlimited, immeasurable!:

[--- A: hehe. 3 filtering assignments
i will translate into bahasa first

B: yes! filter or screen

hehe! the first one tells GM that almost all don't have a little of the required fundamentals!
7/29/14, 7:38 PM

A: is this time referring to "period"?
because it's a bit different in bahasa

B: 2nd one tells GM these students are just bluffing all the way n not willing to do research to learn the Right way

not really. it is a stage in cultivation or level not really period.


B: yes! if you don't cultivate properly, you can't answer part two well!

can say that you can void all & in terms of TIME, u can cross the universe with One thought, so how to measure TIME? or even Distance travelled or Speed?

GM said: One thought n I get to go where I wanted to

hahaha! No one can measure a Buddha or affix any forms of measure or gauge!

7/29/14, 11:38 PM ---]


GM Lu shared yesterday that His books became lighted!
Also, His recorded videos have the same "power" to heal!

Printed words & images captured of GM Lu, A Living Buddha!


In Assignment 3 shared in this blog, TIME is the factor or topic which I was instructed to share with all of you.

However, from GM Lu's speeches after that Assignment, most fellow students still do not grasp what GM Lu is sharing all along.

Sad? But True!

Printed words or Captured Images are actually GM Lu gifts of HIS Divine Time! :)

If you are sincere and have the relevant affinity, these gifts or Time Capsules can be opened or unlocked for you to USE, for the Benefit of All Beings!

Still think that I have been uttering garbages or nonsense all these while?

O! Don't neglect or miss out on the Gifts from Buddhas in the Dharani too!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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