Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pure Karma's Offering 净业的供品 – Mortal's & Divine's 凡与圣


CHAT [1]:

Q: If I want for my karmic, is it under the package of 88SGD?
 Or can it be the main tray pac also? Pls advise? Thanks

A: The karmic pack of $88 is dedication to karmic foes. 
The main tray if for karmic foes, means you are helping them to do dedication or offering to all Divinities.

Q: Oh than main tray better is what I'm thinking to help my karmic do dedication or offering to all divinities, is this helping to reduce suffering too?

A: Yup.
lets say that the $88 pack is to give mortal's needs, 
then the main tray is immortal - as doing offering to divinities will help to reduce karmic negatives n get blessing n help to go pureland :)

Q: Than the main tray already indirectly helping in mortal's needs, main thing is helping karmic to go pureland that's indirectly help mortal liao, isn't that so?

I want to "go home" badly, but also wish all my karmic can "go home" also.
Ya. I'm "stuck" for too long, heavy karma...

So I just register main tray stating for my karmic foes correct?

A: but for most beginners, they need to say sorry to their karmic foes with gifts lol.
then the next stage is to help them get blessing n then they can be cleanse n develop affinity with Buddha

yes. the main tray is from your karmic foes in offering to all divinities

Q: That means I'll still need d gifts which is d 88 package for my karmic, though I want help them on the main tray offering, like that correct?
Apologies for asking too precisely, ....

A: Well, there is an alternative. Sponsor $28 for event & pay $15 for a lotus offering from your karmic foes in offering to the divine. this is a cheaper alternative

Q: Oh...this is how this package combination is! 
Many thanks LotusChef FaShi


CHAT [2]:

Q: wy is asking how much money she should transfer?
i think she didn't read the $28 announcement

A: ya. you tell her she can sponsor then add lotus offering
help them do the relevant offering or dedication

Q: ok

A: sponsor $28 (Divine) + 15 (Mortal) for one lotus
Hahaha! actually it is best to just sponsor lol :)

Q: i understand

A: but she needs the karmic offering n not for herself
you go tell her ba

Q: yes

A: it will take a long time for most to realise Sponsorship actually is practicing Selflessness = a part of Boddhicitta
A Key ingredient to success in cultivation of Buddha Dharma!

Q: Thanks

A: please keep quiet on what I shared with you.
bcos all need to reach a certain level of realisation or enlightenment b4 can understand what I share

Q: yes hor

A: I am sort of Forcing ppl to be event sponsors, right?
have to do so, cos this way then they benefit more

Q: yes, for their own goodness too

A: Selflessness is something very hard to instil
as mortals are naturally or inherently Selfish

Q: yes, i agree

A: learn buddha dharma? most are just lying to themselves


Dear all, 
remember the 2 verses written by Zen Patriarch Hui Neng & his fellow student, Shenxiu?


Shall we say that Shenxiu's verse is that of the mortal starting on his first step of cultivation?
AND, Hui Neng's is that of the Enlightened One?

Just like doing Offering!

One's mindset is a crucial key!

Doing with complete understanding and relevant application of Buddha Dharma, 
Blindly follow the "Flow" or Dictate of others! 

When in doubt, please ask! :)

Now, do you realised that [Offering] is more than what most perceived?

And Pure Karma has considered "Affordability" too!

Being a sponsor and having your name announced and getting the glory to preen your feathers?
Not the way to go for an aspiring yogi to be! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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