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真空妙有 Unique Existence In True Void

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Secret Key of Boundary Protection/Shield - Unique Self in Vacuum


(True Void/Vacuum but can generate numerous dharma, Unique Existence and knows all)



Tue, 6:05 PM

A: So, just do your sadhana joyfully, not with the hope of making it or the fear of not making it. 
Make the sadhana an offering and do it intensely but without hope.
>> reminds me of you telling me to do the sadhana joyfully, with "have fun"

he wrote the same as what you've told me

L: hehe! I taught u all in medan how to enjoy each step of the sadhana too!
If ppl are wise, they should compare what I shared with other gurus n not hurl stones at me n accused me of lying! Hahaha!

A: :)  with icon of palms together
L: therefore, authentic dharma is all the same as they are derivations n variations from basics!

A: yes

L: ppl like GM lu n the sadguru n masters have Lineage transmission publicly announced, so they are to be believed
a crazy old lady like me that sprouted from don't know where must be lying! 

hehe! if most can truly adhere to true authentic dharma teachings, then they too can be effective n know what they are talking about, very very clearly n can also explain in detail giving examples to illustrate too

A: i agree
(know what they are talking about) is the important factor too

L: so speaking or teaching from experience is most important. that is USE of dharma

A: yes, because what really is theory without proof of use and practicality

L: Hehe! I am not a fake like those in core. that's good enough for me :)

A: :)

Wed, 12:57 AM
L: Chatting with GM about the True Void thingy
the healing during heruka is one of them

Dear all,
There are many incidences whereby GM Lu demonstrated  [真空妙有 Unique Existence In True Void], can you go through his videos and find them?

I shared some too!

"Carting" the [Flower Adornment World] with me, wherever I am.
Remember the article that I shared when in a hotel room in Jakarta?
I was amidst an ocean of flowers and trees, the trees were laden or adorned with all kinds of precious gems!

Then in another hotel room in Taiwan, multi-colored panels of bright crystal walls and a carpet of shiny translucent brocade weaved with gold colored threads.

AND, during Cultivation, whereby all "transported" to Pureland, merrily enjoying Offering, as if participating in a party!


Go through GM Lu's cultivation sessions and events, if you can find your way into the Pureland which doors were thrown opened by GM Lu, Enjoy! 


Why do I talked to attendees during the progress of cultivation?
I am fooling around and not concentrating on cultivation?

THINK Again! 

I included you into the "Lion's Playground"!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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